Hear What Your Blink Camera Is Saying: Decoding the Clicking Noise

Are you a proud owner of a Blink camera but constantly irritated by the clicking noise it makes? Worry not! We have a solution for you. The annoying sound can be a deal-breaker, especially if you are trying to keep an eye on your home without disturbing your neighbors. Well, we have good news for you because you can finally say goodbye to the irritating Blink camera clicking noise.

Imagine sitting comfortably in your living room, watching TV, and suddenly, you hear a loud clicking sound. You immediately get up to check why the noise is coming from your Blink camera, but nothing seems out of place. It can be frustrating and distracting, especially if it keeps happening every time the camera detects motion.

It can even affect the quality of your recordings. But how can you get rid of this noise? The solution is pretty simple. All you need to do is turn off the camera’s microphone in the settings.

By doing this, you can still get clear visuals, but the camera won’t record audio. It’s an easy fix that won’t take much of your time. In conclusion, say goodbye to the irritating Blink camera clicking noise by turning off the microphone in the settings.

Your home surveillance should be a peaceful and quiet experience without the disturbance of unnecessary sounds. So, sit back, relax, and let your Blink camera do its job silently.

What Causes the Blink Camera’s Clicking Sound?

Are you curious about the clicking noise coming from your Blink camera? Rest assured, this is a normal sound that the device makes when taking a picture or recording a video. The sound is produced by the camera’s shutter opening and closing, allowing the lens to capture the image. Interestingly, this sound is intentional and serves as a security feature to alert intruders that they are being monitored.

Additionally, the sound can give you peace of mind, letting you know that your camera is functioning correctly and capturing visual evidence in case of any unwanted occurrences. So, the next time you hear the clicking sound, know that it is just your Blink camera doing its job in keeping your property safe and secure.

Mechanical Shutter

As you may have noticed, the Blink camera makes a clicking sound whenever it takes a photo or records a video. This is due to the mechanical shutter inside the camera. The shutter is a small mechanism that controls the amount of light that enters the lens.

The shutter consists of two curtains that move back and forth to expose the image sensor. When you click the button to take a photo or start recording a video, the shutter opens and closes at high speed to capture the image or video. This process creates the clicking sound you hear.

The mechanical shutter is necessary to ensure that the Blink camera captures high-quality images and videos. So don’t worry, that clicking sound is just a normal part of the Blink camera’s operation.

blink camera clicking noise

Infrared Light-Emitting Diodes

When you set up your new Blink camera, you may have noticed a clicking sound coming from the device. This sound is caused by the use of infrared light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that act as the camera’s night vision. The LEDs emit infrared light, which is not visible to the human eye, but the camera can detect it and use it to capture footage in low-light or complete darkness.

As the camera switches between day and night vision modes, the LEDs turn on and off, creating a clicking sound as they do so. Rest assured, this is completely normal and indicates that your camera is functioning as intended. Plus, the sound can act as a security measure by alerting you if someone is tampering with or trying to disable your camera.

So, the next time you hear that clicking sound from your Blink camera, you can rest easy knowing that it’s just the night vision kicking in.

Motion Detection

Motion Detection Have you ever wondered what causes the audible clicking sound on your Blink camera? The answer lies in its motion detection feature. Whenever the camera detects movement within its range, it perceives it as a possible threat and immediately starts recording and sending notifications to your device. The clicking sound, therefore, is an indication that the camera is actively monitoring and tracking any movements within its vicinity.

It can be a reassuring sound, letting you know that your property is under surveillance and any unauthorized activity will not go unnoticed. The motion detection feature works by analyzing changes in pixel values, and this triggers the camera’s click sound, indicating it’s alert and ready to capture any intended movements. With its advanced motion detection capabilities, the Blink camera provides superior security and flexibility, ensuring that your property is always safe and secure.

Is the Blink Camera Clicking Noise Normal?

If you’re wondering whether the clicking noise you hear coming from your Blink camera is normal, then you’re not alone. Many Blink users report hearing this sound and being unsure whether it’s something to be concerned about. The truth is, the clicking noise is perfectly normal and is just the sound of the camera’s shutter opening and closing.

This happens when the camera is activating or deactivating, taking a picture, or recording video. It’s actually a helpful indicator that the camera is functioning properly and capturing footage as it should be. However, if you notice that the clicking noise persists or becomes more frequent, then it may be a sign that the camera needs to be looked at by a professional.

Otherwise, you can rest assured that the Blink camera clicking noise is nothing to worry about.

Yes, It Is Normal

If you own a Blink camera, you may have noticed a clicking noise coming from it. Don’t worry, this is completely normal. The clicking noise is a sign that the camera’s infrared lights are turning on and off to enable night vision.

When the camera detects low light conditions, it automatically switches to night vision mode and the IR lights turn on. This is accompanied by a clicking sound. While it may be new to you, it’s just the sound of the camera doing its job.

So, the next time you hear the clicking noise, rest assured that it’s perfectly normal. It’s just your Blink camera ensuring that you have clear footage no matter the lighting conditions.

Can the Blink Camera Clicking Sound Be Turned Off?

Many Blink camera users have expressed concern over the clicking noise that the camera makes when it’s in use. While this sound can be reassuring to some as it confirms that the device is working, it can also be a source of irritation and discomfort for others. The good news is that the Blink camera clicking noise can indeed be turned off.

To do this, you’ll need to access the settings menu in the Blink app, select the camera you want to adjust, and toggle the “camera audio” option off. Keep in mind that by doing so, you may also disable other camera sounds such as the alert beep. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that the clicking noise serves as a useful feature to signal when there’s an issue with the camera’s connection or when motion-triggered recording is in progress.

Therefore, it’s recommended to leave the clicking sound on unless you find it too distracting.

No, It Cannot Be Turned Off

Many Blink Camera users may wonder if the clicking sound can be turned off. Unfortunately, the answer is no. The camera clicking sound is an essential feature that ensures the camera is working correctly.

It signals the camera is armed and helps to deter thieves or intruders who may have heard it. If you’re worried about disturbing your neighbors or pets, there’s no need to fret. The clicking sound is relatively soft and shouldn’t cause any disturbance.

Remember, Blink cameras are designed to keep your home secure, and the clicking sound is an essential aspect of that security. So, if you’re looking for a way to disable the clicking sound, you’ll have to come up with an alternative solution. Perhaps you could move the camera further away from sensitive areas or schedule recordings for when you’re away from home.

Whatever your solution may be, it’s essential to keep the integrity of the Blink Camera’s security features intact.

Tips to Reduce Blink Camera Clicking Noise

If you’re a Blink camera user, you may have noticed that the clicking noise can be quite loud and annoying. Luckily, there are some tips to help reduce the sound. First, try adjusting the sensitivity of the camera’s microphone.

Lowering it can help decrease the clicking noise while still capturing audio. Another tip is to move the camera further away from any objects that may be causing a vibration or echoing effect. You can also try placing a soft material, like foam or fabric, behind the camera to absorb any sound.

Lastly, if none of these tips work, consider contacting Blink customer support. Overall, these simple tricks can help reduce the clicking noise from your Blink camera and give you a more peaceful surveillance experience.

Place the Camera in a Quieter Area

If you want to reduce the clicking noise of your Blink camera, one of the easiest things you can do is to place it in a quieter area. Cameras tend to make clicking noises when they detect motion and start recording, and these sounds can be especially noticeable if the camera is in a busy or noisy area. By moving the camera to a quieter spot or adjusting its sensitivity settings to avoid triggering unnecessary recordings, you can significantly reduce the amount of clicking noise the camera makes.

Not only will this make your camera less distracting and annoying to listen to, but it can also help extend the lifespan of your camera’s motor and other components that produce the noise. So if you’re fed up with the constant clicking of your Blink camera, consider moving it to a quieter corner of your home or property.

Reduce the Number of Recorded Clips

Reducing the number of recorded clips can help reduce Blink camera clicking noise. One tip is to adjust the motion detection sensitivity. If the sensitivity is too high, the camera will pick up every slight movement and trigger a recording.

Lowering the sensitivity can help reduce the number of clips recorded. Another tip is to adjust the camera placement. If the camera is pointed at a busy area with a lot of movement, it will naturally capture more clips.

Consider repositioning the camera to focus on a specific area that is less busy. Additionally, turning on the “smart alerts” feature can help reduce unnecessary recordings by alerting only when it senses a person or significant movement. By implementing these tips, the Blink camera will be less likely to click and record unnecessary clips, resulting in a quieter and more efficient system.


In conclusion, the blink camera clicking noise is like the sound of a photographer capturing a moment. Except, instead of capturing a well-posed portrait or breathtaking landscape, the blink camera is capturing the moments that matter most in our everyday lives. Whether it’s catching a package thief or just checking in on our beloved pets, the blink camera clicking noise represents the vigilant eye of modern technology keeping our homes safe and secure.

So, the next time you hear that satisfying click, rest easy knowing that your blink camera has your back. Snap away, little buddy!


What could be causing my Blink camera to make clicking noises?
Blink cameras have a mechanical shutter that may make clicking noises when opening and closing.

How do I fix the clicking noise on my Blink camera?
If the clicking noise on your Blink camera becomes too loud or frequent, you may need to contact Blink customer support for a replacement.

Will the clicking noise on my Blink camera affect its functionality?
No, the clicking noise is a normal part of the camera’s mechanics and should not affect its performance.

Can I prevent the clicking noise on my Blink camera?
Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent or reduce the clicking noise on a Blink camera, as it is a necessary part of its operation.