Expanding Your View: How to Effortlessly Add Cameras in Milestone XProtect®

how to add cameras in milestone xprotect

Ever felt the need to extend your watchful eye within your Milestone XProtect® system? Adding new cameras is the answer! This guide unveils various methods to seamlessly integrate new cameras and bolster your surveillance network. Whether you prefer a quick and automatic approach or have specific camera configurations in mind, we’ve got you covered. Introduction: … Read more

Milestone NVR: The Heart of Your Video Surveillance System

milestone nvr

Imagine a security system where all your cameras converge, recordings are meticulously managed, and you have complete control over every aspect of your surveillance. That’s the power of a Milestone NVR system. Milestone Systems is a renowned name in the world of video surveillance, pioneering open platform video management software (VMS). But what if you … Read more