How to Safely and Effortlessly Remove Your Blink Camera from Its Mounting Bracket: A Step-by-Step Guide

So, you’ve decided to remove your Blink camera from its mount. Maybe you’re moving, maybe the camera isn’t working right, or maybe you just want to reposition it. Whatever the reason, don’t worry – it’s an easy process that you can do yourself.

This step-by-step guide will take you through the process of removing your Blink camera from its mount, so you can feel confident in doing it yourself. You’ll be surprised at how simple it can be. Keep reading to find out how you can do it!

Gather Your Tools

If you’re looking to remove your Blink camera from its mount, you’ll need a few tools to get the job done. First, make sure you have a screwdriver, ideally with multiple heads to accommodate different types of screws. You’ll also want a step ladder if your camera is mounted up high, as well as a small container or bag to hold the screws and other small parts you’ll remove.

It’s also a good idea to have a microfiber cloth on hand to clean the camera and its mount, especially if you plan to remount the camera later. With these tools at the ready, you’ll be able to safely and efficiently remove your Blink camera and take care of any necessary maintenance or repairs.

What You’ll Need

To start any DIY project, it’s essential to gather the right tools. For this project, you’ll need a few key items to complete the task successfully. First and foremost, it’s important to have a quality set of screwdrivers, both flathead and Phillips.

You’ll also need a hammer and a pair of pliers for pulling and twisting. Additionally, you may need a drill and drill bits, depending on the scope of the project. It’s always a good idea to have a level on hand to ensure your work is straight and even.

Don’t forget to have safety equipment, like gloves and eye protection, available as well. With these essential tools at the ready, you’re well on your way to completing your DIY project successfully.

remove blink camera from mount

Safety First

When it comes to any kind of DIY project, safety should always be your top priority. Before diving in, it’s crucial to gather all the necessary tools to ensure that you can complete your project efficiently and with minimal risk of injury. This includes all the necessary safety equipment such as gloves, safety glasses, and a dust mask if you’ll be working with potentially harmful materials.

Additionally, make sure you have the appropriate tools for the job at hand. Trying to make do with the wrong kind of screwdriver or hammer not only makes your task more difficult but can also be dangerous if it slips or breaks. Take the time to gather all the tools you need beforehand to prevent injuries and ensure that your DIY project goes smoothly.

By doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy the process and create something beautiful and functional without any unnecessary setbacks.

Locate the Mounting Bracket

When you’re ready to remove your Blink camera from its mounting bracket, the first step is to locate the bracket itself. This may seem obvious, but depending on where you’ve placed your camera, the bracket could be hidden from view or obscured by other objects. Take a close look at the camera and the surrounding area to find where the mount is attached.

Once you’ve found it, you’ll be able to proceed with removing the camera. Remember to take care when handling the camera, as it may be fragile or prone to damage if dropped or mishandled. With a little patience and attention to detail, you’ll have your Blink camera removed from its mount in no time!

Identifying the Blink Camera Mount

If you’re looking to identify the Blink Camera mount, the first step is to locate the mounting bracket. This is the part that you will screw into the wall or ceiling, and then attach the camera to. Look for a small, rectangular piece with two or more screw holes.

It may be made of metal or plastic, and it should have a clear, unobstructed view of the area you want to monitor. Once you have found the mounting bracket, you can attach your Blink Camera to it using the screws provided. Make sure that the camera is securely fastened to the bracket, and that it is positioned at the right angle to capture the desired view.

With a little bit of effort, you can easily locate and install the Blink Camera mount in your home or office, providing you with advanced security and peace of mind.

Accessing the Mounting Bracket

One of the key components when installing a new piece of equipment is locating the mounting bracket. This small piece can make a big difference, helping to secure your device to a stable surface. To find the bracket, start by consulting the instructions or manual that came with your equipment, as it should detail the bracket’s location.

If the documentation is unavailable, begin by examining the physical device to see if the bracket is visible or if there are any indications of where it may be located. Alternatively, visit the manufacturer’s website or search forums to see if anyone has documented the bracket’s position. Once you have identified the mounting bracket, you can then begin the process of securing your device for optimal performance.

By locating the mounting bracket, you’ll be one step closer to getting your equipment up and running smoothly.

Removing the Camera from the Mount

If you’re looking to remove your Blink camera from its mount, it’s a pretty simple process! First, find where your camera is mounted and locate the tab on the bottom of the camera. To remove it from the mount, press and hold down the tab while simultaneously pulling the camera away from the mount. It’s important to make sure you’re holding onto the camera firmly while doing this to prevent it from accidentally falling off the mount.

Once the camera is removed, you can relocate it to a new spot or keep it safely stored until you need it again. Just remember, if you’re planning on re-mounting the camera, make sure to clean the surface of the mount and the bottom of the camera before attaching it again for the best results.

Disengaging the Blink Camera from the Mounting Bracket

If you’re looking to remove your Blink camera from its mounting bracket, it’s actually quite a simple process. First, take a look at the bottom of the camera and locate the screw attached to the mounting plate. Next, use a screwdriver to remove the camera from the plate by unscrewing it counterclockwise.

Once the screw is removed, the camera should slide down and out of the bracket. If you’re having trouble removing the camera, be sure to double-check that the screw is completely removed and that there are no obstructions preventing it from sliding down. Overall, disengaging the Blink camera from the mounting bracket is a quick task that requires minimal effort.

With just a few easy steps, you’ll be able to remove your camera and reposition it as needed.

Detaching the Camera from the Mount

If you want to use your camera independently without the mount, you need to detach the camera from the mount. But don’t worry; it’s a straightforward process that only takes a few minutes. First, locate the release button or lever on your camera mount and press it.

This action will release the camera from the mount’s grip. Next, hold the camera and lift it gently upwards to remove it from the mount. Ensure that you grip the camera firmly to avoid dropping it.

In cases where the camera gets stuck to the mount, check that the release button is fully depressed and try lifting the camera again. Remember, the detachment process may vary depending on the camera and mount type. Therefore, always refer to your camera manual to avoid damaging the equipment.

After all, the last thing you’d want to do is render your camera useless due to improper handling. So always proceed with caution when removing the camera from the mount.

Finishing Up

If you’re wondering how to remove your Blink camera from its mount, you’re in luck. It’s a relatively simple process that can be done in just a few steps. First, make sure your camera is turned off before attempting to remove it.

You don’t want to accidentally trigger any recordings or alerts. Next, gently twist the camera counterclockwise until it comes loose from the mount. You may need to apply a bit of force, but be careful not to use too much or you could damage the camera.

Once the camera is detached, you can then disconnect it from any wires or cables and store it away safely. With these easy steps, you can quickly and easily remove your Blink camera from its mount whenever you need to.

Storing the Blink Camera

Now that you’ve mounted your Blink camera and completed the initial setup, it’s important to properly store your camera to ensure it continues to function effectively. One important tip is to keep it out of direct sunlight as this can cause the camera to overheat and potentially damage the internal components. Additionally, you should also protect the camera from harsh weather conditions such as rain or snow.

It’s best to install it in a covered area, such as under an eave or awning. Lastly, be sure to periodically check the camera to ensure it’s still functioning properly and that there is no visible physical damage. With these storage tips, you can keep your Blink camera working like new for years to come!

Inspecting the Mounting Bracket

As you wrap up the inspection of the mounting bracket, take a moment to ensure that everything looks good and secure. The last thing you want is for your device to come crashing down due to a loose or faulty bracket. Check that all screws and bolts are firmly tightened and that there are no cracks or damage to the bracket itself.

Remember, the mounting bracket acts as the foundation for your device, so it’s crucial that it’s in good condition. By taking the time to inspect it thoroughly, you can rest assured that your device is safe and secure.

Reassembling the Mounting Bracket

Now that you’ve successfully removed the mounting bracket from your device, it’s time to reassemble it. First, make sure all the screws and components you removed are nearby and easily accessible. Align the bracket with the corresponding slot on your device and carefully insert it until it fits snuggly.

Once the bracket is in place, you can begin reattaching the screws in their original positions using your screwdriver. Make sure each screw is tightened firmly, but not too tightly as to strip the threading. Once all screws are secured, you can test the bracket by gently tugging on it to ensure it is secured firmly in place.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully reassembled the mounting bracket!


Removing a blink camera from its mount is like breaking up with an annoying ex- you know it’s for the best, but it’s still tough to do. But just like moving on from a bad relationship, once you’ve removed that blink camera and said goodbye to its constant blinking, you can finally breathe easy and enjoy a life free from its watchful gaze. So go ahead, say your goodbyes and remove that camera from its mount- your sanity will thank you.


How do I remove a Blink camera from its mount?
To remove a Blink camera from its mount, press down on the release tab on the bottom of the camera and slide the camera off the mount.

Can I remove a Blink camera from its mount remotely?
No, you cannot remove a Blink camera from its mount remotely. You must physically remove it by pressing down on the release tab on the camera and sliding it off the mount.

What if the Blink camera is stuck on the mount and won’t slide off?
If the Blink camera is stuck on the mount and won’t slide off, gently wiggle the camera while pressing down on the release tab. If it still won’t come off, try using a flat tool to gently pry it off the mount.

Is it safe to remove a Blink camera from its mount while it’s recording?
It’s generally safe to remove a Blink camera from its mount while it’s recording, but it’s best to stop the recording and wait until the camera is no longer in use before removing it from the mount. This can prevent damage to the camera or data loss.