Exposed: The Hidden Dangers of Blue Light on Blink Camera and How to Protect Your Eyesight

Have you recently installed a Blink camera but noticed that the blue light just keeps blinking without stopping? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is a common issue that many Blink camera owners face at some point. Although the blue light is an indication that the camera is functioning properly, it can be quite frustrating to have it keep blinking non-stop.

Thankfully, there are some troubleshooting steps you can take to fix this issue and put your mind at ease. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the reasons why your Blink camera blue light may be blinking consistently and how you can address this issue. So buckle up and let’s get started!

What is Blink Camera Blue Light?

If you own a Blink camera, you may have noticed a blue light on it. This blue light is actually an indicator light, letting you know that your camera is active and recording. It’s meant to give you peace of mind, as well as act as a deterrent for potential intruders.

The blue light can be found on the front of the camera and will blink on and off when the camera is active. This blue light can also be disabled in the camera’s settings if preferred. Overall, the blue light on your Blink camera is a useful feature and provides both security and convenience.

Understanding the Function of the Blue Light

Blink camera blue light is a unique feature found on Blink wireless security cameras. This blue light serves as a visual indicator that the camera is recording or actively monitoring an area. Additionally, the blue light illuminates when the camera is being accessed through the Blink app, allowing homeowners to easily see when someone is remotely viewing their camera feed.

While some users find the blue light to be a helpful feature that increases the camera’s deterrent effect, others may find it distracting or unnecessary. Still, it’s important to note that the blue light does not impede the camera’s overall functionality and can be turned off or programmed to only activate in specific circumstances. So, whether you’re a fan of the blue light or not, it’s worth understanding its function and how to control it.

blue light on blink camera

Possible Causes of Blink Camera Blue Light

If you’re noticing a blue light on your Blink camera, it could be a sign of several things. One possible cause is that the camera is currently recording footage. Many Blink cameras have a blue light that indicates when it is capturing video, so if the light is on, it’s possible that someone or something triggered the camera’s motion sensors.

Another possible reason for the blue light is that your camera is low on battery and needs to be recharged. When the camera’s battery gets low, it will display a blinking blue light to let you know it needs to be charged. Finally, if you have the night vision feature enabled on your camera, it could be displaying a blue light to indicate that it is actively capturing footage in low light conditions.

Whatever the reason for the blue light, it’s important to investigate and ensure that your camera is functioning properly.

Wireless Connectivity Issues

Blink Camera has become a popular addition to protecting one’s home, but like with any technology, it can have its hiccups. One of the most common issues is when the Blink Camera has a blue light indicator that won’t turn off. Several possible causes of this problem include connection issues with the wireless network, low batteries, and firmware updates.

If the camera is not properly connected to the Wi-Fi network, it can cause the blue light to stay on. Similarly, if the batteries are running low, the camera may have difficulty staying connected to the network and may display the blue light as a warning. Finally, firmware updates can sometimes cause connectivity issues and may require the camera to be reset entirely.

If resetting the camera, replacing the batteries, or ensuring the Wi-Fi connection is strong does not fix the blue light issue, it may be time to contact customer support for further assistance.

Low Battery or Power Issues

If you’re facing low battery or power issues with your Blink camera, it can be quite frustrating. The first thing you should check is if the power source is properly connected to your camera. If you’re using batteries, make sure they’re fully charged and inserted correctly.

If your camera is powered by an AC adapter, check the outlet to make sure it’s working properly. If you’ve checked these things and your camera is still giving you issues, it may be time to replace the batteries or try a different outlet. Another possible cause of the Blink camera blue light is that the signal between your camera and the sync module isn’t strong enough.

This can happen if the camera is too far away from the module or if there are obstacles in the way, such as walls or metal objects. In this case, try moving the camera closer to the module or removing any obstacles between them. With a little troubleshooting, you’ll have your Blink camera back up and running in no time.

Firmware Update Errors

If you own a Blink camera and have encountered a blue light issue, it could possibly be caused by a firmware update error. A firmware update error occurs when a glitch or error happens during the process of updating your device’s firmware. This can cause various issues with your device, such as the blue light issue on your Blink camera.

It’s essential to ensure that the firmware update process is done correctly and without any interruptions or errors. This could potentially prevent any problems that may arise due to a faulty firmware update. If you’re experiencing the blue light issue on your Blink camera, resetting the device can potentially fix the issue.

It’s important to consider contacting customer support for additional assistance if required.

How to Fix Blink Camera Blue Light Issue?

If you’re having trouble with the blue light on your Blink camera, don’t worry because you’re not alone. This issue can occur for several reasons, such as connectivity issues, outdated firmware, or simply needing a reset. To fix the blue light on your Blink camera, you first need to check your internet connection.

Poor connectivity causes the camera to lose connection, which leads to the blue light coming on. If your connection is strong, then it may be an issue with outdated firmware. This can be resolved by checking for updates and downloading them if available.

If neither of these steps works, then try resetting your camera to its default settings. This often resolves any technical issues the camera may be experiencing. With these simple steps, you can get your Blink camera working properly again and avoid any potential security issues.

Check Wireless Connection and Signal Strength

If you’re facing a Blink camera blue light issue, there’s a chance that the problem is with your wireless connection and signal strength. To fix this, you can try moving your camera closer to your router or adding a wireless extender to boost your signal if it’s too weak. Additionally, make sure that your router is not placed in a position that could cause interference or obstruction.

You can also check if there are other devices that could be competing with your camera for bandwidth, like laptops, smartphones, and smart TVs. By reducing the number of devices connected to your network, your Blink camera should have a steadier connection and a more stable blue light. Try these steps and see if your Blink camera starts working efficiently again.

Charge or Replace Batteries

Are you struggling with the blue light issue on your Blink camera? Well, don’t worry, since you’re not alone! This problem can be caused by several factors, ranging from low battery to poor connectivity and software glitches. To fix it, the first thing you should consider is charging or replacing the batteries in your camera. Sometimes, the blue light issue is a sign that the batteries have drained too much, and the camera can no longer operate correctly.

Therefore, try swapping the old batteries with fresh ones and see if the problem persists. Alternatively, you can also charge the existing batteries and reinsert them into the camera to see if that resolves the blue light issue. Keep in mind that the battery life of a Blink camera can depend on how often it’s triggered, so this might need to be done more frequently than you think.

By addressing battery concerns first, you can save yourself from having to troubleshoot more complex issues that may arise with your camera.

Perform Firmware Update and Reset

Are you experiencing a frustrating issue with your Blink camera where the blue light keeps blinking? Don’t panic, there’s a simple solution to this problem that you can do yourself. First, try performing a firmware update and reset in the Blink app. This helps to ensure that your camera is up to date and functioning properly.

If that doesn’t work, then it may be time to contact Blink customer support for further assistance. Performing a firmware update and reset is easy and straightforward if you follow the steps outlined in the Blink app. It’s important to note that during this process, your camera will be temporarily unavailable for live viewing and recording.

However, once the update and reset are complete, you should be able to use your Blink camera without any issues. If you’re still experiencing the blue light blinking problem after performing the firmware update and reset, it could be due to a hardware issue. In that case, you’ll need to contact Blink customer support to troubleshoot the issue further.

Remember to mention that you’ve already performed the firmware update and reset, as this will help them pinpoint the issue and provide you with the appropriate solution. Don’t let a blinking blue light on your Blink camera ruin your day. Try performing a firmware update and reset first, and if that doesn’t work, contact Blink customer support for further assistance.

With a little patience and perseverance, you’ll be back to using your Blink camera as normal in no time.


In the world of home security, the blue light on a Blink camera serves as a beacon of protection. It illuminates the way for homeowners seeking peace of mind, acting as a silent guardian that watches over their property day and night. So when you see that blue light flashing, know that it’s not just a physical presence, but a symbol of security that you and your loved ones can always count on.


What does the blue light on my Blink camera indicate?
The blue light on your Blink camera indicates that the camera is connected to Wi-Fi and waiting to be armed.

Why is the blue light on my Blink camera flashing?
The blue light on your Blink camera may flash if the camera is trying to connect to Wi-Fi or if there is an issue with the Wi-Fi connection.

How can I turn off the blue light on my Blink camera?
Unfortunately, you cannot turn off the blue light on your Blink camera as it is an indicator that the camera is connected to Wi-Fi and functioning properly.

Does the blue light on my Blink camera use a lot of power?
No, the blue light on your Blink camera uses very little power and should not impact the battery life of the camera significantly.