Ring Spotlight Cam Plus vs Pro: Which One Should You Choose?

Do you want to keep your home safe and secure? Ring cameras are among the most popular security systems in the market because of their unique features and durability. Ring Spotlight Cam Plus and Pro are two of the most sought-after cameras that provide an increased level of security for your home. But what’s the difference between these two? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the key differences between Ring Spotlight Cam Plus and Pro, making it easier for you to decide which one is best for your home.

So, let’s dive in!

Design & Features

The Ring Spotlight Cam Plus and Pro are two popular outdoor security cameras that offer advanced features to safeguard your property. While both cameras are designed to enhance your home security, there are some key differences between them. The Pro model offers 1080p HD video, a wider field of view, and interchangeable faceplates that allow for customization, while the Plus model offers additional features such as a 3D motion detection system and enhanced audio capabilities.

Another important difference is that the Pro model requires hardwiring, whereas the Plus model can be powered with a rechargeable battery pack or a solar panel. Ultimately, the decision between the two models will depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you want the latest technology and a wider field of view, the Pro may be the right choice for you.

However, if you want a more versatile and customizable camera, the Plus may be the better option.

Size & Shape

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difference between ring spotlight cam plus and pro

Video Quality

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Field of View

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Motion Detection

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Subscription Plans

If you’re in the market for a Ring Spotlight Cam, you may be wondering what the difference is between the Plus and Pro versions. The primary distinction between the two is that the Pro version requires a wired power source, whereas the Plus can be powered by either a wired or battery source. This means that if you don’t have an existing outdoor wiring setup, you may find the Plus version more convenient to install.

Another difference is that the Pro has a higher resolution video quality (1080p vs. 720p on the Plus), as well as a wider field of view. Additionally, the Pro offers customizable motion sensitivity zones, whereas the Plus has pre-set zones that cannot be adjusted.

Both versions offer similar features such as two-way talk, motion-activated alerts, and night vision capabilities. When deciding between the two, it ultimately comes down to your specific needs and preferences.

Free vs. Paid Plans

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Cloud Storage

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When it comes to choosing between the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus and Pro, a major factor to consider is the price difference. The Ring Spotlight Cam Plus is the more affordable option, with a price tag of around $19 Meanwhile, the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro is priced a bit higher, at around $24

While both cameras offer similar features such as 1080p HD video, two-way audio, and motion-activated alerts, the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro has a few extras that might be worth the investment. For instance, it comes with four interchangeable faceplates, allowing you to match the color of your camera to your home’s exterior. The Pro model also includes customizable motion zones, which can be a handy feature if you have pets or other animals that might trigger false alarms.

Ultimately, it depends on your budget and the specific features that matter most to you. If cost is a concern, the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus could be the right choice. But if you’re willing to spend a little extra for additional customization and personalization options, the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro is the way to go.

Ring Spotlight Cam Plus

The Ring Spotlight Cam Plus is an exceptional security camera that has caught the attention of many homeowners looking for a reliable way to monitor their property. But the question on everyone’s mind is what is the price tag for this innovative security camera? As with most high-quality security cameras, the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus is priced competitively. The device retails on Amazon for $19

99, which is a fair price considering the features it offers. However, it’s worth noting that installation and subscription fees may add to the overall cost. Nevertheless, the ability to monitor your property remotely and receive notifications directly to your smartphone is a worthy investment.

Overall, the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus is an affordable option for homeowners looking to increase their home security without breaking the bank.

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro

If you’re looking for a smart security camera that can fully protect your home or office, the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro is a great option to consider. This camera comes with a lot of advanced features that make it stand out from the rest. However, the price point might be a concern for some people.

The Ring Spotlight Cam Pro can cost you up to $249, which is a bit expensive compared to other cameras in the market. But, if you take a look at the features that it provides, such as the 1080p HD video, motion detection, two-way audio, and night vision, it’s worth every penny. Additionally, if you’re planning to use more than one camera, the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro provides a bundle price which could save you some money.

Overall, the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro is a reliable and robust security camera, and while the initial cost might seem a bit steep, it’s undoubtedly a smart investment that will provide you with a high level of security and peace of mind.


After conducting extensive research and analyzing the features of both the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus and the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro, it’s safe to say that the difference between the two is like choosing between a superhero with a few extra powers and a full-blown Avenger. While both cameras have impressive capabilities such as HD video, two-way audio, and motion detection, the Pro version goes beyond with its customizable motion zones, advanced motion detection, and enhanced night vision. If you want to be sure you’re getting the ultimate home security package, the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro is the way to go.

But if you’re content with a few added bells and whistles, the less-costly Ring Spotlight Cam Plus could still save the day.”


What is the difference between the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus and Pro?
The main difference between the two is that the Plus model has a 1080p HD camera, while the Pro has a 1080p HD camera with enhanced night vision. Additionally, the Plus model includes a 110-decibel siren and advanced motion detection, while the Pro does not.

Can the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus and Pro be wired or wireless?
Both models can be wired or wireless, giving you the flexibility to choose how to power and set up your camera system.

Do the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus and Pro offer two-way talk?
Yes, both models offer two-way talk, which allows you to communicate with visitors, delivery people, or potential intruders through the Ring app on your smartphone or tablet.

Is there a monthly fee for Ring Spotlight Cam Plus and Pro?
Yes, to fully access all features like video recording, you need to have a subscription to Ring Protect, which starts at $3 per month per device. However, basic features like live view and two-way talk are available without a subscription.