Does Simplicam Trigger Alarm : Enhance Home Security

Yes, Simplicam does not trigger the alarm; it only sends a notification for detected motion. Simplicam does not set off the alarm; it only alerts for detected movement.

Additionally, the indoor camera records video during an alarm, providing footage to the monitoring center. This feature assists in receiving visual data for any alarming event. The indoor camera’s motion detection function can alert you to activity when you’re away, offering peace of mind.

However, it does not directly trigger the alarm system. SimpliSafe’s camera capabilities enhance security by providing a visual record of any potential security breaches. This additional layer of protection gives users greater confidence in their home security system.

Does Simplicam Trigger Alarm : Enhance Home Security


How Does Simplicam Work?

How does SimpliCam work? SimpliCam is a smart indoor camera designed to provide advanced security monitoring for your home. It utilizes motion detection technology and sophisticated sensors to ensure that your home is safe and secure at all times. Here’s a detailed look at some of the key features and functionality that make SimpliCam a top choice for home security.

Motion Detection And Alarm Trigger

SimpliCam is equipped with cutting-edge motion detection capabilities, allowing it to identify any motion within its field of view. When the camera detects motion, it initiates a series of responsive actions to ensure that you are promptly notified of any potential security threats. This feature plays a crucial role in ensuring that your home is consistently monitored for any unauthorized activities or intrusions.

Sensors That Trigger Alarms

In addition to motion detection, SimpliCam comes equipped with sensors that can trigger alarms in response to specific events. These sensors are meticulously designed to accurately identify potential security breaches and promptly alert you to take action. By leveraging a combination of advanced sensors and intelligent monitoring capabilities, SimpliCam provides comprehensive security coverage and peace of mind for homeowners.

Camera Recording During Alarms

When triggered by an alarm, SimpliCam initiates video recording to capture crucial footage of the event. The camera records video for a predefined duration, ensuring that you have access to indisputable evidence in the event of a security breach. This recording functionality enables you to review and analyze the footage, facilitating a swift and informed response to any security incidents.

Enhanced Home Security With Simplicam

When it comes to safeguarding your home and loved ones, enhanced home security systems can provide that much-needed peace of mind. SimpliCam offers advanced features to ensure your property and family are protected round the clock. With its sophisticated monitoring center and high-quality footage recording, as well as color night vision for outdoor cameras, SimpliCam is designed to provide comprehensive security solutions.

Monitoring Center And Footage Recording

SimpliCam integrates with a robust monitoring center, where trained professionals closely monitor any suspicious activity within your property. This quick response system ensures that emergency services are promptly alerted when necessary, providing an additional layer of security for your home.

In the event of a potential threat, SimpliCam’s recording capability allows for the seamless capture of footage. Whether it’s a break-in attempt or an unexpected visitor, SimpliCam provides you with the ability to review and share this footage, aiding in any security investigations or insurance claims.

Recording Potential Threats

SimpliCam’s dynamic recording functionality captures any potential threats, ensuring that you have the evidence necessary to address security concerns. The camera records video for a specified duration when triggered by an alarm, providing valuable insights into the situation and aiding in decision-making processes.

Color Night Vision For Outdoor Camera

SimpliCam’s outdoor camera is equipped with color night vision, enabling clear and detailed monitoring even in low-light conditions. This enhanced feature extends the camera’s visibility, allowing you to maintain a watchful eye on your property throughout the night, for complete peace of mind.

Clarifying Common Misconceptions

To clarify common misconceptions, SimpliCam does not trigger alarms independently; it sends notifications upon detecting motion. Your camera will not set off the alarm, ensuring your peace of mind even when pets are in the frame. SimpliCam’s function solely as motion detection devices, enhancing your security system.

Camera Motion Sensor’s Role in Alarm Trigger

The camera motion sensor plays a crucial role in determining whether an alarm should be triggered or not. Contrary to common misconceptions, the Simplicam motion sensor alone does not set off an alarm. Instead, when the motion sensor detects any movement, it sends an alert to your mobile device. This alert allows you to monitor the situation and take necessary actions accordingly.

For instance, if your camera detects motion while you are away from home, you can receive a notification on your smartphone to check the live footage and assess the situation. This way, you have complete control over activating the alarm if you observe any suspicious activity.

Camera Recording when Alarm is Disarmed

Another misconception is whether the Simplicam records video when the alarm is disarmed. Let’s clarify this confusion. When an alarm is disarmed, the Simplicam camera does not record every single motion it detects. However, if any motion is detected during an alarm event, the camera will initiate recording and capture video footage for a period of three minutes.

This recording feature ensures that any potential evidence of intrusion or suspicious activity is captured, even if the alarm is turned off at that moment. So, rest assured that you can rely on the Simplicam camera to protect your home and provide visual evidence when it matters the most.

Camera Recording Motion When at Home

It’s essential to address the concern about camera recording motion when at home. While you may assume that the camera should not record any motion when you are at home, the Simplicam is designed to ensure your safety regardless of your location.

The Simplicam camera is capable of recording motion even when you are present at home. This functionality guarantees that any suspicious activity within your property is promptly detected and documented. Whether you are away or simply occupied in another part of your home, the camera will give you an extra layer of security.

So, don’t be mistaken that the Simplicam solely relies on external alarms or notifications. By recording motion even when you are at home, it offers comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Does Simplicam Trigger Alarm : Enhance Home Security


Does Simplicam Trigger Alarm : Enhance Home Security


Frequently Asked Questions On Does Simplicam Trigger Alarm

Can Simplicam Trigger Alarm?

No, SimpliCam does not trigger the alarm itself. It sends notifications when motion is detected but won’t sound the alarm.

What Triggers An Alarm In Simplisafe?

The alarm in SimpliSafe is triggered by the sensors, not the camera. The camera will only send motion detection alerts to your phone. Pets will not set off the alarm.

What Sets Off Alarm On Simplisafe?

The alarm is triggered by sensors, not the camera. The camera can detect motion and send a notification, but it won’t set off the alarm.

Does Simplisafe Monitor Alarms?

Yes, SimpliSafe can monitor alarms. The indoor camera alerts your phone when detecting motion, but it won’t trigger the alarm on the system.


The Simplicam does not trigger an alarm itself. While it may detect motion and send notifications, it does not have the capability to set off the alarm system. This is reassuring for pet owners who may worry about their pets setting off false alarms.

The camera will, however, record video during an alarm event, providing valuable footage for further review. Overall, the Simplicam offers peace of mind and enhanced security without unnecessary alarm triggers.