How to Change Wifi on Blink: Ultimate Guide for Easy Setup

To change Wifi on Blink, go to the Blink app, tap on the camera, then select Change Wi-Fi. When ready, the lights will display: Blinking Blue, Steady Green.

Blink security cameras are a great way to keep your home safe. However, changing the Wi-Fi network on your Blink system can be a little tricky. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of changing the Wi-Fi on your Blink camera step by step.

Whether you’ve recently switched providers, upgraded your network, or moved to a new location, understanding how to change the Wi-Fi on your Blink camera is essential. By following this comprehensive tutorial, you will be able to seamlessly transition your Blink security system to a new Wi-Fi network without any hassle. So, let’s dive into the simple and effective methods for changing the Wi-Fi on your Blink camera and continue protecting your home with peace of mind.

How to Change Wifi on Blink: Ultimate Guide for Easy Setup


Steps To Change Wifi On Blink

To change the WiFi on Blink, locate the device on your home screen, tap on “General Settings,” and select “Change WiFi” at the bottom of the screen. Follow the instructions to complete the steps and ensure your WiFi connection is updated successfully.

Steps to Change WiFi on Blink

Locating Wifi Settings On Blink App

To change the WiFi on your Blink cameras, you will first need to access the WiFi settings through the Blink app on your smartphone or tablet. Open the Blink app and navigate to the settings menu to locate the WiFi settings for your cameras.

Resetting Blink Camera Wifi

If you encounter issues with connecting to a new WiFi network, you may need to reset the WiFi settings on your Blink camera. To do this, locate the reset button on the camera and press it until the LED lights flash, indicating that the camera’s WiFi settings have been reset.

Updating Wifi Settings For Sync Module

When changing the WiFi network for your Blink cameras, it’s essential to update the WiFi settings for the Sync Module as well. Access the Sync Module settings in the Blink app and enter the new WiFi network information to ensure proper connectivity.

Moving Blink Cameras To A New Network

If you are switching to a new WiFi network, you’ll need to move your Blink cameras to the new network. Follow the instructions in the Blink app to disconnect the cameras from the old network and connect them to the new network for seamless operation.


To troubleshoot and change your WiFi on Blink, follow these steps: Go to the General Settings on your Blink camera or Sync Module, select Change WiFi, and press the reset button until the lights flash red and blue. Make sure to reconnect your camera or Sync Module to the new WiFi network for seamless connectivity.

Incorrect Password Error

If you are encountering the “Incorrect password for your Wi-Fi” error while trying to change your Wi-Fi on your Blink cameras, first double-check the password you have entered. It’s common for mistakes to be made when typing in long passwords, so ensure you have entered it correctly. If you are unsure of your Wi-Fi password, you can typically find it on a sticker attached to your router. Additionally, it’s a good practice to carefully re-enter the password to ensure there are no typos.

Sync Module Connection Issues

If your Sync Module is having trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi network, the following steps may help resolve the issue. First, try rebooting your Wi-Fi router and wait for the internet connection to be restored. Then, unplug the Sync Module for five seconds and plug it back in to power cycle the device. This process may help establish a stable connection between the Sync Module and your Wi-Fi network.

Blink Camera Reset Process

If your Blink Wi-Fi camera is still having issues after attempting to change the Wi-Fi network, a camera reset may be necessary. To reset the camera, tap More on the camera’s thumbnail and select Device Settings. Then, tap General Settings and select Change Wi-Fi. Follow the instructions to press and release the reset button on the camera until the status lights flash correctly. Once the lights display a blinking blue and then a steady green, the reset is complete, and you can proceed with setting up the new Wi-Fi network.

Advanced Tips

To change WiFi on your Blink camera, ensure to locate the camera on your screen and tap General Settings. Select Change WiFi at the bottom and follow the instructions for a successful connection. For added safety, remember to power off any connected wiring during the process.

Changing Wifi Network For Blink Mini

Changing WiFi for your Blink Mini camera is vital for optimal performance. To do so, access the settings in the Blink app and follow the on-screen prompts carefully.

Connecting Outdoor Blink Cameras To Wifi

For outdoor Blink cameras, ensure a strong WiFi signal for reliable connectivity. Position your router closer to the outdoor camera and remove any obstructions that might hinder the signal.

Dealing With Changes In Wifi Network Name

  1. Rename your new network to match the previous one for seamless integration with your Blink devices.
  2. Update the WiFi network name in the Blink app to reflect the changes for each device.

Resolving Sync Module Connection Failures

  • If the Sync Module fails to connect, power cycle both the module and the WiFi router.
  • Ensure the WiFi network settings are correct and that there are no conflicting devices causing interference.
How to Change Wifi on Blink: Ultimate Guide for Easy Setup


How to Change Wifi on Blink: Ultimate Guide for Easy Setup


Frequently Asked Questions For How To Change Wifi On Blink

How Do I Reconnect My Blink Doorbell To Wi-fi?

To reconnect your Blink doorbell to Wi-Fi, locate the camera on your home screen and tap General Settings. Then, tap “Change Wi-Fi” at the bottom of the screen and follow the instructions. Ensure safety by turning off power to the circuit if connected to powered wiring.

Why Does My Blink Sync Module Keep Saying Wrong Wi-fi Password?

If your Blink sync module keeps saying wrong Wi-Fi password, double-check the password for typos. Also, verify if it’s written on your router. If the issue persists, follow the troubleshooting steps provided by Blink support.

How Do I Reset My Blink Wi-fi Camera?

To reset your Blink Wi-Fi camera, press and hold the reset button until the lights flash.

Why Won’t My Blink Sync Module Connect To My Wi-fi?

If your Blink sync module is not connecting to your Wi-Fi, try these steps: Reboot your router and wait for the internet connection to be restored. Unplug the sync module for five seconds and then plug it back in. If the issue persists, refer to the troubleshooting guide on the Blink Support website.


Updating the Wi-Fi settings on your Blink devices is crucial for seamless connectivity. Follow the simple steps outlined to ensure smooth operation and avoid any connectivity issues. By properly changing your Wi-Fi network on Blink, you can enjoy uninterrupted surveillance and peace of mind.