How to Ensure Your Blink Doorbell Rings Inside: A Comprehensive Guide

Is there anything more frustrating than missing a visitor at your door just because you couldn’t hear the doorbell ring? No matter how loud it is, sometimes that familiar “ding-dong” can go unnoticed, leaving your guests waiting outside or worse, forcing them to leave without seeing you. That’s where a Blink Doorbell comes in handy – it ensures you’ll never miss a visitor again. Not only does it offer clear video and audio capabilities, but it also alerts you to visitors via your phone, even when you’re not home.

With Blink, you can relax knowing your doorstep is covered, and you’ll always be able to greet your guests, no matter where you are. So, are you ready to get your Blink Doorbell ringing inside? Keep reading to find out more about this innovative device.

Check Your Doorbell Settings

If you’re wondering how to get your Blink doorbell to ring inside your home, there are a few things you can check. Firstly, make sure your doorbell settings are properly configured. Within the Blink app, navigate to the device settings for your doorbell and check that the “Chime” feature is turned on.

This will enable the doorbell to ring inside your home when someone presses it. Additionally, make sure the volume is turned up on your smartphone or other device that is connected to the doorbell. If the volume is too low, you may not hear the doorbell ringing inside your home.

By checking your doorbell settings and making any necessary adjustments, you can ensure that you never miss a visitor at your door again.

Make Sure Notifications Are Enabled

If you’ve recently installed a doorbell device, it’s crucial to ensure that you have enabled notifications on your device. Many doorbells come with various settings that allow you to customize the notifications you receive and how you receive them. It might be overwhelming for some people, but it’s vital to understand what each setting does to benefit from the device’s full potential.

You need to choose whether to get notifications via push notifications or email or both. Some doorbells will also enable notifications for motion detection, which can be helpful if you’re expecting a delivery or want to keep an eye on your property. If you’re unsure how to configure your doorbell notification settings, check the user manual or contact the manufacturer’s support team.

By ensuring you’ve enabled notifications on your doorbell, you’re helping yourself to stay in control, be aware of who’s at your door, and maintain security in your home.

how to get blink doorbell to ring inside

Adjust Motion Detection Settings

If you’re experiencing false alerts or missing important events, you might want to check your doorbell’s motion detection settings. Adjusting these settings can make a big difference in how your doorbell functions. For example, you may want to adjust the sensitivity level so that your doorbell doesn’t detect every passing car or tree swaying in the wind.

You can also adjust the detection zone, which specifies the area where motion is detected. By narrowing down this area, you can focus on specific spots in your yard or porch, such as a package drop-off location or your front door only. By tweaking these settings, you’ll be able to fine-tune your doorbell’s features and get the most out of it.

Connect Your Doorbell to Your Wi-Fi Network

If you’re wondering how to get your Blink doorbell to ring inside, the answer is simple: connect it to your Wi-Fi network. By doing so, you’ll be able to receive alerts and notifications on your smartphone or other device whenever someone rings your doorbell. This not only makes it easier to stay aware of visitors and package deliveries, but it also provides an added layer of security to your home.

To connect your Blink doorbell to your Wi-Fi network, simply follow the instructions provided in the user manual or the Blink app. Typically, it will involve downloading the app, creating an account, and scanning a QR code on the back of your doorbell to pair it with your network. Once you’ve completed these steps, you should be able to customize your notification preferences and start receiving alerts whenever someone rings your doorbell.

Overall, connecting your Blink doorbell to your Wi-Fi network is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance your home’s security and convenience.

Ensure Your Doorbell Is Properly Installed

If you’re looking to add a smart doorbell to your home, it’s important to ensure that it’s properly installed and set up. One of the key steps to connecting your doorbell to your Wi-Fi network is to make sure that your home’s Wi-Fi signal is strong enough to support the device. This can be done by checking the Wi-Fi strength where you plan to install the doorbell and moving the router if needed to improve the signal.

Once this is done, you can connect your doorbell to your Wi-Fi by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. This typically involves downloading an app and inputting your network’s name and password. With your doorbell properly connected to your Wi-Fi, you can now enjoy the convenience of being able to see and communicate with visitors at your front door no matter where you are!

Connect Your Doorbell to the Blink App

Connecting your doorbell to the Blink app is quick and easy, allowing you to monitor your front door from anywhere using just your smartphone. But before you can start enjoying this convenience, you’ll need to connect your doorbell to your Wi-Fi network. The first step is to make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on and that you have the right network name and password.

Then, open the Blink app and go to the “Add Device” section. Follow the prompts to add your doorbell and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. It may take a few minutes for the connection to complete, so be patient and don’t close the app during this time.

Once your doorbell is connected to your Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to see live footage, receive alerts, and even speak to anyone who comes to your door, all from the convenience of your phone. So, what are you waiting for? Get started and experience the benefits of a connected doorbell today.

Connect the App to Your Wi-Fi Network

Connecting your doorbell to your Wi-Fi network is an essential step in preparing your smart doorbell for use. Before you start, make sure that your doorbell is turned on and that your smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network that you want to use to connect your doorbell. Once you’re ready, open the app that you downloaded to set up your smart doorbell and look for the Wi-Fi settings.

You’ll need to enter the name and password of your network, and the app will then establish a connection between your doorbell and your home network. The process may take a few minutes, but once complete, your doorbell will be connected to your Wi-Fi network and you’ll be ready to use it. Remember to keep your network secure by using a strong password, enabling two-factor authentication, and updating your router’s firmware regularly to protect against security threats.

So, ensure that your connection is strong and reliable and stay protected always.

Troubleshoot Your Connection Issues

If you’ve recently installed a Blink doorbell but are having trouble getting it to ring inside, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to fix the issue. First, check that your doorbell is connected to your WiFi network and that it has a strong signal. You may need to move your router closer to the doorbell or invest in a WiFi extender if the signal is weak.

Next, make sure that your app settings are configured correctly. Go into your Blink app and ensure that the motion detection and notifications are turned on. You may also need to adjust the sensitivity level to make sure it’s picking up movement outside your door.

Another potential issue could be with the sound settings on your device. Check that your volume is turned up and that your phone’s Do Not Disturb mode is turned off. With these steps, you should be able to get your Blink doorbell to ring inside and stay on top of your home’s security.

Check Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength

If you’re experiencing connection issues while using your Wi-Fi, the first thing you should do is check your signal strength. This is because a weak signal can result in slower speeds, intermittent connections, and even disconnections. To check your Wi-Fi signal strength, you can look at the signal strength bars on your device or use a Wi-Fi analyzer app.

If your signal strength is consistently low, you may need to move your router closer to your device or invest in a Wi-Fi range extender. It’s also important to ensure that your router is positioned in an open and central location free from obstacles that may interfere with your signal. By taking these steps, you can troubleshoot your connection issues and enjoy a reliable and fast Wi-Fi connection.

So, the next time you experience a slow or unstable connection, check your signal strength first!

Restart Your Wi-Fi Router

If you’re experiencing connection issues with your Wi-Fi, the first thing you should try is restarting your router. While it may seem like a simple solution, it can often fix many different types of problems. This is because routers can become overloaded or fail to process requests properly over time.

Restarting your router gives it a chance to clear its memory and start fresh. It’s a lot like rebooting your computer when it starts acting sluggishly. Additionally, restarting your router may help it pick up updates or patches that it missed before.

So, the next time you’re having trouble with your Wi-Fi, try restarting your router before anything else. It may just solve your problem and save you a headache.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, figuring out how to get your Blink doorbell to ring inside is a simple process with a few steps. Firstly, ensure that the doorbell is properly installed, connected to Wi-Fi, and synced with the Blink app. Next, adjust the settings to enable indoor chimes on the app and select the chime tone that you prefer.

Finally, test the doorbell to ensure that it rings both outside and inside the house. With these easy steps, you can enjoy the convenience of always knowing when someone is at your door, no matter where you are in your home. Don’t forget to keep your doorbell and app updated to avoid any connectivity issues.

Overall, with a little bit of patience and attention to detail, you can easily get your Blink doorbell to ring inside your home.


In conclusion, getting your Blink doorbell to ring inside is as easy as pie with a few simple steps. Whether you’re using an Amazon Echo device, a Chime, or your smartphone, you’ll always be aware of anyone coming to your door. So go ahead, answer that doorbell – because Blink and you won’t miss a beat!”


How do I connect my Blink doorbell to ring inside my house?
To connect your Blink doorbell to ring inside your house, you can use the Blink Chime or a compatible Amazon Echo device. Simply follow the instructions in the Blink app to set up and connect your device.

Why isn’t my Blink doorbell ringing inside my house?
If your Blink doorbell isn’t ringing inside your house, first check to make sure you have a compatible device, such as the Blink Chime or an Amazon Echo. Also, ensure that your device is properly set up and connected to your doorbell in the Blink app.

Can I adjust the volume of my Blink doorbell inside my house?
Yes, you can adjust the volume of your Blink doorbell inside your house through the Blink app. Simply go to the device settings and adjust the volume level to your preference.

Can I customize the ringtone for my Blink doorbell inside my house?
Yes, you can customize the ringtone for your Blink doorbell inside your house through the Blink app. Choose from a variety of tones and select the one that best suits your style.