Unlocking Family Security: A Step-by-Step Guide to Sharing Blink Camera Access

Do you want to share access to your Blink camera with your family members, but you’re not sure how to make it secure? You’re in the right place! With Blink cameras, you can monitor your home from anywhere, which makes it ideal for busy families who want to keep tabs on their house, pets, or kids. Sharing your camera access doesn’t have to be difficult, but it is essential to do it the right way. You don’t want to simply hand over your login and password to others.

Instead, you can invite family members to access your Blink camera with their own login credentials. This way, everyone can view the live feed and recorded videos without compromising security. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps to share Blink camera access with your family members.

We’ll cover everything from creating accounts and sending invitations to managing permissions and removing access. Plus, we’ll share some tips on how to keep your Blink camera secure and avoid potential privacy breaches. So whether you’re a new Blink camera owner or have been using it for a while, keep reading to learn how to share access with your family in a safe and straightforward manner.

Creating a Family Account

Are you interested in sharing your Blink camera access with family and friends? Look no further than creating a Family Account! Simply head over to the Blink app and select “Account Management” from the menu. From there, tap “Manage Family Accounts” and follow the prompts to add members to your Family Account. This allows all members to access your Blink camera feeds and notifies everyone of any events or warnings.

This can be especially useful for when you’re away on vacation and want to make sure your loved ones can keep an eye on things back at home. Plus, it’s easy to remove or add members as needed, giving you full control of who has access to your camera feeds. With the availability of a Family Account, peace of mind and the safety of your loved ones are just a few taps away.

Download the Blink app

To get started with Blink, the first step is to download the Blink app. Once the app is installed on your smartphone or tablet, creating a family account is simple. Simply select the option to create a new account and input the necessary information, including your first and last name, email address, and a unique password.

You’ll then be prompted to invite other members of your family to join the account, allowing everyone to access and control the Blink system. This feature is especially useful for families with children, as parents can restrict access to certain features or cameras to ensure their kids’ safety. With Blink’s easy-to-use interface and straightforward account setup process, getting your entire family connected and protected has never been easier.

Don’t hesitate to download the app today and experience the peace of mind that comes with having a state-of-the-art home security system!

how to share blink camera access with family

Create a new account and select “Family Account”

Creating a Family Account on our platform is easy and straightforward. All you have to do is create a new account and select the “Family Account” option during registration. This option will allow you to create a family profile, which will give you access to a variety of features specifically designed for families.

For example, you can use the family profile to manage multiple user accounts, share content and playlists, and set up parental controls to ensure a safe and age-appropriate browsing experience for younger family members. Plus, with a family account, you’ll also be able to take advantage of special discounts and promotions that are only available to families. So, whether you’re looking to keep your family entertained or simply want to enjoy the platform together, creating a Family Account is the perfect way to get started.

Give it a try today and discover all the benefits of our platform for families!

Invite family members to join your account

If you’re interested in sharing your subscription with your family members, you can create a family account and invite them to join. This option is available for many services, including music streaming, video streaming, and even gaming platforms. Creating a family account is simple: just navigate to the settings or account section within the service’s app or website and select “create a family account” or a similar option.

You’ll typically be prompted to send invitations to the people you’d like to add to the account. Once they accept the invitation, they’ll be able to access the service and all of its content just as you do. This is a great way to save money and share your favorite shows, movies, or songs with your loved ones.

Plus, it can be a great bonding experience to discover new content together! So, don’t hesitate to create a family account and invite your relatives to join – it’s easy, convenient, and cost-effective.

Granting Camera Access to Family Members

If you’re looking to grant camera access to your family members, it’s incredibly easy to do so with Blink cameras. All you need to do is invite them to share access through the Blink Home Monitor app, and they’ll be able to view and control the cameras just like you can. First, select the camera you want to share access to and tap “settings.

” From there, select “camera sharing” and then “invite member.” Enter the email address or phone number of the person you want to share access with, and they’ll receive an invitation to download the app and create their own account. Once they accept the invitation, they’ll be able to access the camera from their own device.

With Blink, it’s simple to give your family members peace of mind and control over your home security. Don’t hesitate to grant camera access to your loved ones and keep your home safe for everyone.

Select the camera you want to share access to

Granting camera access to family members can be a convenient and secure way to monitor your home when you’re not around. First, select the camera you want to share access to. Make sure the camera is connected to a reliable internet connection, as well as a power source.

On most cameras, you can create separate user accounts for family members and grant them varying degrees of access. You might want to allow some users to view live footage only, while others can receive alerts or have the ability to control the camera’s settings. When granting access, it’s important to remember to only share access with family members you trust and to regularly review the list of authorized users.

This will help ensure the security and privacy of your home and family. By taking a few simple steps, you can grant camera access to family members and feel confident that your home is secure even when you’re away.

Tap on “Camera Settings”

Granting camera access to family members can be a tricky process, especially if you are not very tech-savvy. However, it is a necessary step to take if you want to share photos and videos with your loved ones. One of the first things you need to do is tap on “Camera Settings” on your device.

This will allow you to control who has access to your camera and who does not. Once you have tapped on this option, you will be taken to a page where you can set the permissions for each family member. You can choose to give full access to some people, while others may only have restricted access.

Remember, you want to keep your privacy intact while still allowing your family members to enjoy your precious memories. In conclusion, granting camera access to family members may seem daunting at first, but with a little knowledge and patience, it can be done smoothly and easily.

Select “Sharing”

If you’re looking for great family moments, there are a lot of reasons why you might want to grant your family members access to your camera. It’s super easy to do too! All you have to do is select “Sharing” on your camera and choose the family members you want to grant access to. This way, they can take pictures and videos that will automatically be saved to your gallery, so you don’t have to worry about missing any precious moments.

Plus, by sharing your camera, you can also see any photos or videos they take on your phone, giving you an opportunity to relive all your family moments together. Just remember that while sharing access to your camera is a great way to stay connected with your family, it’s important to only grant access to trusted family members who will respect your privacy.

Add family member’s email address

Adding family members to your camera’s access list is an easy way to ensure they can check in on your home while you’re away. By granting camera access, you’ll be able to share the live feed with whoever you choose, giving them a sense of security and peace of mind. To add a family member’s email address, simply log into your camera’s app and navigate to the settings menu.

From there, select the option to manage users and add the email address of the person you want to grant access to. Once added, they’ll receive an email invitation to connect to your camera’s live feed. It’s important to note that adding too many users can slow down your camera’s performance, so be selective about who you add and regularly monitor the list to ensure that only trusted individuals have access.

With this simple step, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your home and always feel secure when you’re away.

Assign camera access levels (live view, record, arm/disarm)

If you’re looking to grant camera access to family members, it’s important to assign appropriate access levels to ensure that your home security remains intact. This can include granting different permissions such as live view, record, and arm/disarm. While granting access to family members can be helpful, it’s essential to ensure that all access levels are chosen with care.

For example, allowing only live view access may be enough for a family member who wants to check on the house while you’re away, but someone who needs to arm or disarm the cameras should have that privilege strictly regulated. It’s also important to educate your family members on the proper use of camera access levels. This can include reminding them not to tamper with the cameras or share access with others.

Providing clear guidelines and expectations can go a long way in preventing any unintended security breaches within your home. Overall, granting proper camera access levels to family members can be a convenient and helpful addition to your home security system. Just make sure to take the necessary precautions to keep your home and family safe.

Managing Family Account and Camera Access

If you’re looking for a way to manage access to your Blink camera among your family members, there are a few things you can do to make this process as simple and secure as possible. First off, you’ll need to create a Blink account and set up your camera(s) via the app or website. Once that’s done, you can invite family members to join your Blink account and provide them with shared access to the camera(s).

To do this, open the app or website and go to the “Manage Account” section. From there, select “Invite Member” and enter the email address of the family member you wish to invite. They’ll receive an email with a link to set up their own account and access the Blink camera.

You can also set different levels of access for each family member, such as being able to view live video but not having control of the camera’s settings. Overall, sharing Blink camera access with family members should be a straightforward process, and it can give you peace of mind knowing that you’re keeping an eye on things even when you’re not at home.

Remove family members’ access to your account and cameras

Managing family account and camera access can be crucial if you want to maintain privacy and security in your home. While sharing access with family members can be convenient, it can also lead to potential risks. For instance, family members may accidentally delete important footage or access sensitive information.

Therefore, it’s important to review and adjust your family members’ accessibility to your account and cameras regularly. This can be done through your account settings on the camera app or website. You can limit their access to specific cameras, enable or disable notifications, and choose to share certain footage with them.

By taking control of and monitoring their access, you can ensure that your home and family’s safety is top priority. So take the time to manage family account and camera access and secure your home today.

Edit family members’ camera access levels

As a parent or an elder sibling, you might want to manage which family members have access to your home security cameras. With an intuitive and user-friendly camera system, it’s easy to adjust the level of access for each family member who might want to view the footage. Whether you need a babysitter to keep an eye on the kids while you’re away and offer them access to select cameras or you want to keep an elderly or differently-abled family member updated on what’s happening throughout the house, you can do so.

Plus, if you ever need to revoke or change a family member’s access level, it’s as simple as making a few clicks on your camera’s control panel. It’s easy to ensure that your home security is well-managed, with even extended family members granted camera access according to your preferences.

Review activity logs and camera usage history

As the administrator of your family’s camera account, it’s crucial to keep track of activity logs and camera usage history. This will help you monitor who has access to your cameras and when they were last accessed. By reviewing this information, you can ensure that there are no unauthorized users or suspicious activity.

Moreover, if you notice any irregularities, you can investigate and take the necessary steps to rectify them. It’s essential to maintain your family’s account’s security, and this involves regularly monitoring access and activity logs. Remember, keeping your family safe is crucial, and taking the time to manage account access and usage history goes a long way in achieving this goal.


In conclusion, sharing access to your Blink camera with family members is a snap. With just a few clicks, you can give them the gift of security, peace of mind, and some extra eyes on your home. Plus, with Blink’s easy-to-use app, it’s as simple as blinking (pun intended) to adjust permissions, customize alerts, and manage your device from afar.

So go ahead and share the love – and your camera – with those you trust most. After all, a family that blinks together, stays together.”


How do I add family members to my Blink camera access?
To add family members to your Blink camera access, go to the account settings in the Blink app. From there, select “Manage Account Members” and click “Add Member.” Enter the email address of the family member you want to add and select the level of camera access you want them to have.

Can I revoke access to my Blink camera from a family member?
Yes, you can revoke access to your Blink camera from a family member by going to the “Manage Account Members” section in the app. Select the member you want to remove and click “Revoke Access.”

How do I share Blink camera access with multiple family members?
You can share Blink camera access with multiple family members by adding them to your account as described in You can also create a separate login for each family member so they can access the camera feed on their own device.

What level of access can I give to a family member on my Blink camera?
You can give family members access to view live camera footage, receive motion alerts, and arm/disarm the camera. You can also set up custom permissions for each family member, allowing them access to only certain cameras or settings.