Reset Your Blink Camera: The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

Have you ever faced the frustration of your Blink camera not working properly? Maybe it isn’t picking up motion or isn’t connecting to the app, leaving you feeling helpless and even more vulnerable. Well, fear not! Resetting your Blink camera can often solve these issues quickly and easily. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the quickest steps to reset your Blink camera so you can get back to feeling secure.

Think of it as a simple reboot for your camera – just like restarting your computer when it’s acting slow or glitchy. So let’s dive in and get your Blink camera back on track!

Troubleshooting guide for resetting your Blink camera

If you’re having trouble with your Blink camera and need to reset it, don’t worry – it’s a straightforward process. First, make sure your camera is powered on and connected to Wi-Fi. Next, locate the small reset button on the camera – it’s usually found on the bottom or back of the device.

Using a small object like a paperclip, hold the button down for about 10 seconds until the status light turns off and then back on again. This indicates that the camera has been reset and is ready for setup. If you’re still having problems, try resetting your Wi-Fi network and make sure your Blink app is up to date.

By following these simple steps, you should be able to get your Blink camera up and running in no time. Remember to keep your login information and network details handy to make the setup process even easier next time.

Assess the camera’s connectivity

When it comes to assessing the connectivity of your Blink camera, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to ensure it’s working as it should. Firstly, check that your camera is connected to a strong Wi-Fi network. If the signal is weak or dropping out, it may be worth relocating your camera or investing in a Wi-Fi extender to boost the signal.

Another step is to reset your camera by holding down the button on the back until the LED light starts flashing. This will ensure that it’s been disconnected from your network and can be set up again from scratch. Finally, make sure that your camera’s software is up to date, as older versions may have connectivity issues that have since been fixed.

By following these steps, you can troubleshoot any connectivity issues and ensure that your Blink camera is functioning at its best.

reset blink camera

Check for low battery status

If your Blink camera is not working as expected, checking for low battery status is a good place to start troubleshooting. The Blink camera’s battery life depends on a variety of factors, such as the camera’s settings, video recording frequency, and the location’s temperature. You can check your camera’s battery level in the Blink app’s device settings.

If the battery is low, you can recharge it using the included USB cable and power adapter. It’s important to note that the camera may not function correctly if the battery is too low or completely drained. To ensure your camera is always running smoothly, it’s recommended to regularly check the battery status and recharge as needed.

With just a quick glance at the app, you can quickly and easily determine if the battery level is the cause of your camera’s issues.

How to reset your Blink camera

Have you ever encountered a problem with your Blink camera and you needed to reset it? Don’t worry, resetting your Blink camera is a straightforward process! First, locate the reset button on your camera. Then, using a small object like a paper clip, press and hold the reset button for a few seconds. Once the LED light turns off, release the button and wait for the camera to reboot.

You may need to reconnect your Blink camera to your Wi-Fi network after the reset, but this should be a simple process. Remember to only reset your Blink camera after trying other troubleshooting steps, as this will erase all recorded footage and settings. With these simple steps, you can get your Blink camera back up and running in no time.

Perform a soft reset

If your Blink camera is misbehaving, performing a soft reset can help fix the problem. It’s a quick and easy process that won’t delete any of your camera’s settings or recordings. To begin, locate the reset button on the back of the camera.

Press and hold the button for about 20 seconds until the LED light starts flashing blue. The Reset process will take a few minutes to complete, so be patient. Once done, your camera will restart, and you’ll be all set.

Remember, doing a soft reset shouldn’t be confused with a hard reset, which erases all data and settings on your camera. A soft reset is a simple troubleshooting practice that might fix simple issues, while a hard reset is a last resort when all else fails. Try doing a soft reset before doing a hard reset if you have any issues with your Blink camera.

Perform a hard reset

If you are experiencing issues with your Blink camera, performing a hard reset may help resolve the problem. To reset your Blink camera, first remove the batteries and wait for 10 seconds. Then, press and hold the button on the back of the camera while reinserting the batteries.

Keep the button pressed for another 5 seconds and release it. Your Blink camera will now be reset to its default settings. Although this process can be frustrating, it may be beneficial for fixing glitches and improving the overall functionality of your camera.

If the issue persists, feel free to reach out to Blink customer support to troubleshoot the problem. By resetting your Blink camera, you can get back to monitoring your home with ease.

Re-sync the camera

If you’re experiencing any issues with your Blink camera, one simple solution may be to resync it. Resyncing essentially resets the camera’s connection to your home’s WiFi network and can fix connectivity or video recording problems. To resync your camera, start by opening the Blink app and going to “Settings.

” From there, select the camera you want to resync and choose “Remove Device.” Once the camera is removed, select “Add Device” and follow the prompts to reconnect the camera to your WiFi network. It’s important to note that when you resync your camera, any previously recorded videos will be deleted.

However, after the resync is complete, you should be able to view live feeds and receive motion alerts as usual. Remember, if you continue to experience issues with your Blink camera after resyncing, it may be necessary to contact technical support for further assistance.

When to contact support

If you encounter issues with your Blink camera, it is always best to contact support for assistance. However, resetting the camera may sometimes be necessary before reaching out for help. If you are experiencing connectivity issues, the camera is not responding to commands, or the power light is flashing red, resetting the camera may resolve the issue.

To reset the Blink camera, simply press and hold the button on the side of the camera until the LED light turns off and then back on. This process should take about 20 seconds. Keep in mind that resetting the camera will also erase any current settings, including your Wi-Fi network password, so be prepared to reconnect the camera to your network after resetting it.

If resetting the camera does not resolve the issue, don’t hesitate to contact support for further assistance with troubleshooting.

Camera fails to reset

If you’re experiencing problems with your camera failing to reset, it’s important to know when to contact support. While some issues can be easily fixed by performing a simple reset or troubleshooting procedure, there may be underlying hardware or software issues that require the expertise of technical support. If you’ve tried all the basic steps such as restarting your camera or checking for updates, it may be time to seek out specialized assistance.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to support – it’s always better to address issues early on before they become larger problems. Remember, your camera is an investment and it’s important to ensure that it’s functioning properly for all of your photographic needs.

Camera still shows low battery status

If your camera still shows a low battery status even after charging it for a considerable time, it might be an indication of a faulty battery or charging mechanism. Before contacting support, ensure that you have followed the recommended charging procedure, which includes using the original charging cable and adapter, and charging the battery until it reaches full capacity. If the issue persists despite following the correct charging process, then you should reach out to the support team.

They will advise you on the possible troubleshooting steps and, if necessary, organize a replacement unit. Therefore, if you encounter any challenges with your camera’s battery or charging mechanism, do not hesitate to contact customer support for prompt assistance.

In conclusion

In conclusion, resetting your Blink camera is a simple and effective solution to most issues you may encounter. Whether you’re experiencing connectivity issues, lagging video footage, or a flashing LED light, a quick reset should solve the problem. Simply press and hold the button on the back of the camera for 20 seconds until the LED light turns off and then back on again.

This will restore your camera to its default settings, allowing you to reconnect and start fresh. In a world where technology can sometimes be unpredictable, it’s reassuring to know that resetting your Blink camera is a tried and tested solution that works wonders. So remember, whenever you’re in doubt, just press and hold that button and watch your camera return to its former glory.


In the world of technology, even the most advanced gadgets can sometimes experience hiccups. One such example is the Blink camera, which may need a reset every once in a while to ensure it’s performing at its best. Much like taking a deep breath before a big moment, resetting your Blink camera can give it a fresh start and a renewed sense of purpose.

So don’t be afraid to hit that reset button – your Blink camera will thank you for it!”


How do I reset my Blink camera?
To reset your Blink camera, press and hold the reset button on the back of the camera for 10 seconds. This will reset the camera to its default settings.

Why is my Blink camera not blinking?
If your Blink camera is not blinking, it could be due to a low battery. Try replacing the batteries or charging the camera. You can also check the settings in the app to make sure that the Blink camera is set up to blink.

How do I connect my Blink camera to Wi-Fi?
To connect your Blink camera to Wi-Fi, open the Blink app and select the camera you want to connect. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to connect the camera to Wi-Fi.

How do I view the footage from my Blink camera?
To view the footage from your Blink camera, open the Blink app and select the camera you want to view. Then, select the “Live View” option to see a live stream of the camera’s footage. You can also access recorded clips in the “Clips” tab.