Simplicam Camera : Enhancing Home Security

The SimpliCam Camera is an indoor security camera that can be set up and controlled through the SimpliSafe app on your phone. It has features such as motion sensing, night vision, and audio capabilities.

Some users have reported issues with the camera recognizing the setup QR Code, but once it is set up, it functions as expected. It is a vital component of the SimpliSafe system but can also be used as a standalone camera.

The SimpliCam notifies you instantly of any unusual activity and allows you to take action. It can be used without a subscription and does not require Wi-Fi for basic functionality. The camera is available for purchase on various platforms such as Amazon and eBay.

Simplicam Camera  : Enhancing Home Security


Simplicam Camera Overview

Simplicam Camera is a state-of-the-art security camera that provides advanced surveillance features to keep your home safe and secure. With its sleek and compact design, this indoor camera seamlessly blends into any room, making it the perfect solution for monitoring your property. Let’s take an in-depth look at the features, setup, compatibility, and usage without a subscription.

Features Of Simplicam

Specially designed to meet the demands of modern security systems, Simplicam Camera offers a range of impressive features that ensure your home is protected at all times. Some of the key features include:

  • Motion Detection: Simplicam Camera uses intelligent motion sensors to detect any suspicious activity in your home, instantly alerting you through the mobile app.
  • Night Vision: Equipped with advanced infrared technology, this camera provides clear and detailed footage, even in low-light conditions.
  • Two-Way Audio: With a built-in microphone and speaker, Simplicam allows you to communicate with your loved ones or scare off intruders from anywhere using the mobile app.
  • Easy Installation: Setting up Simplicam Camera is a breeze. Simply download the SimpliSafe app, follow the step-by-step instructions, and connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network.
  • 24/7 Live Streaming: Stay connected to your home at all times with the live streaming feature, accessible through the mobile app.

Setup And Compatibility

Simplicam Camera can be easily set up using the SimpliSafe app, available for both iOS and Android devices. The app generates a QR code for quick and hassle-free installation. Simply scan the QR code with the camera, and you’re ready to go. However, it’s worth noting that there have been occasional issues with QR code recognition, which can be resolved by repositioning the camera or trying again.

Simplicam Camera is compatible with SimpliSafe’s mobile app, allowing you to control and monitor your camera remotely. It seamlessly integrates with other SimpliSafe security devices, offering a comprehensive home security system.

Usage Without Subscription

One of the standout features of Simplicam Camera is that you can use it without a subscription. You don’t need to have a SimpliSafe security system to use Simplicam or the Video Doorbell Pro. These devices are sold individually and can be used for free with SimpliSafe’s mobile app. You can enjoy all the basic functionalities without any additional cost or monitoring plan.

However, if you want to access advanced features such as cloud storage for video recordings or professional monitoring services, you can opt for a monthly subscription plan offered by SimpliSafe.

User Reviews

Discover what users think of the Simplicam Camera: Setup can be tricky with QR code recognition issues, but once operational, it offers expected functionality. Simplicam notifies instantly of any activity and works independently with SimpliSafe’s mobile app, no monitoring plan necessary.

Pros And Cons


  • Easy setup using the SimpliSafe app on your phone
  • Generates a QR code for quick and convenient setup
  • Works as expected once setup is complete
  • Notifies you instantly of any unusual activity
  • Allows you to take action in real-time
  • Can be used as a standalone camera or as part of a SimpliSafe system


  • Camera sometimes struggles to recognize the QR code during setup

Recommendations From Users

According to reviews from, the SimpliCam receives a rating of 8.2 out of 10. Users praise its functionality as both an indoor camera for the SimpliSafe system, as well as a standalone camera. rates it at 4.3 out of 5, while gives it a rating of 9.3 out of 10. These positive ratings indicate that users are satisfied with the performance and features of the SimpliCam.

Additionally, users on the SimpliSafe website’s FAQs section confirm that the SimpliCam can be used without a subscription and that it works for free with the SimpliSafe mobile app. This is a great advantage for those who want to utilize the camera’s features without committing to a monitoring plan.

However, it’s important to note that a Wi-Fi connection is required for video camera functionality. While cellular service can be used for the SimpliSafe system, Wi-Fi is needed to support the camera. This is crucial to consider for those living in areas with poor cellular service.

Cost And Plans

Simplicam Camera: Cost and Plans

The Simplicam Camera offers flexible cost and plans to suit different monitoring needs. Below, we outline the monthly monitoring fee, Wi-Fi, and cellular service options provided by Simplicam.

Monthly Monitoring Fee

The monthly monitoring fee for Simplicam Camera starts at $14.99, offering affordable and customizable security solutions for users. With this plan, users can access features such as live video streaming, motion alerts, and cloud storage for recorded footage.

Wi-fi And Cellular Service

Simplicam Camera supports both Wi-Fi and cellular service options. Users can opt for a Wi-Fi connection to access continuous live streaming and remote access to their camera feeds. For areas with poor Wi-Fi connectivity, Simplicam also provides cellular service as an alternative, ensuring uninterrupted security monitoring.

Additionally, Simplicam’s cellular service guarantees reliable connectivity, making it ideal for users in remote locations or those with inconsistent Wi-Fi access.

Simplicam Camera  : Enhancing Home Security


Comparison With Other Security Cameras

Comparison with Other Security Cameras

When comparing security cameras, it’s essential to delve into their technical specifications. Let’s take a closer look at the key features of the Simplicam Camera.

Feature Simplicam Camera Competitor A Competitor B
Resolution 1080p 720p 1080p
Field of View 120° 90° 110°
Connectivity Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Bluetooth

When it comes to performance, Simplicam Camera stands out in various aspects compared to its competitors. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Crystal-clear 1080p resolution for detailed footage.
  • Wider 120° field of view ensures comprehensive coverage.
  • Seamless Wi-Fi connectivity for hassle-free setup and monitoring.

Simplicam Camera  : Enhancing Home Security


Frequently Asked Questions On Simplicam Camera

What Is Simplicam Used For?

SimpliCam is an indoor security camera. It notifies you of unusual activity and allows you to take action. It can be used without a subscription and works with SimpliSafe’s mobile app. It’s sold individually and works for free with the app, no monitoring plan is required.

Can I Use Simplicam Without Subscription?

Yes, you can use SimpliCam without a subscription. It works for free with SimpliSafe’s mobile app, and no monitoring plan is required.

How Much Does Simplisafe Cost Per Month?

The cost of SimpliSafe per month varies depending on the monitoring plan you choose. The Basic plan starts at $14. 99/month, while the Interactive plan is $24. 99/month.

Do Simplisafe Cameras Work Without Wi-fi?

Yes, SimpliSafe cameras require Wi-Fi for video functionality. However, if you have a monthly monitoring plan with cellular service, you can use SimpliSafe without Wi-Fi.


The SimpliCam offers reliable indoor security with its motion detection and easy setup process. Its standalone feature and compatibility with the SimpliSafe app make it a versatile choice for home security. With positive reviews and a budget-friendly price, the SimpliCam is a worthy investment for those seeking peace of mind.