When Does Simplicam Record : Ultimate Guide

The SimpliCam records when the blue light flashes, indicating that it is currently recording. It automatically records and sends a push notification when something triggers the camera.

With a Fast Protect™ Monitoring subscription, the camera will also record during various events, including alarms, disarming the SimpliSafe system, and camera detected motion. However, the SimpliCam Wired Indoor Camera does not have continuous recording. On the other hand, the SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera is “asleep” until it senses motion, then it wakes up, connects to the network, and starts recording.

So, the SimpliCam records during specific events and when motion is detected, providing users with valuable footage of any suspicious activity.

When Does Simplicam Record  : Ultimate Guide

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Understanding Simplicam Recording

Simplicam records when triggered by an alarm, motion is detected, during the disarm process, or any camera detected motion. With the Fast Protect™ Monitoring subscription, it automatically records during these events, providing enhanced security and peace of mind.

How To Tell When Simplicam Records

When it comes to understanding SimpliCam recording, it’s important to know how to tell when the camera is actually recording. This can help you keep track of what’s happening in and around your home. The SimpliCam provides visual cues to indicate its recording status. – When the blue light on the SimpliCam flashes, it means that the camera is currently recording. This is a clear indicator that your camera is actively capturing footage. – If the blue light is not flashing, it means that the camera is on stand-by mode and not actively recording. – In the event that the camera can’t connect to Wi-Fi, you will see a blinking red light. This is an indication that the camera is unable to establish a connection. – A yellow flashing light on the SimpliCam suggests that the camera cannot connect to SimpliSafe’s servers. This may be due to network or server issues. By paying attention to these visual cues, you can easily determine whether the SimpliCam is actively recording or not. This will provide you with peace of mind and a better understanding of your home security system’s functionality.

Automatic Recording Triggers

SimpliCam is designed to automatically record based on specific triggers. This ensures that you are alerted and informed about any unusual activities or events taking place in your home. Here are the automatic recording triggers for SimpliCam: – If something triggers the camera, it will automatically start recording and send you a push notification to notify you about the event. This allows you to stay updated on the situation in real-time. – The camera will record video for three minutes during an alarm. If motion is detected during the alarm, it may extend the recording duration. – The SimpliCam Wired Indoor Camera with a Fast Protect™ Monitoring subscription offers even more recording options. It will automatically record during a number of events to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what caused them. – Some of these events include alarms, disarming your SimpliSafe system, and camera-detected motion. By capturing footage during these events, SimpliCam ensures that you have a clear view of the activities around your home. Understanding these automatic recording triggers allows you to make the most of your SimpliCam and ensures that you never miss any important moments or potential security breaches. In conclusion, by understanding when and how SimpliCam records, you can confidently monitor your home’s security and stay connected to what matters most. The visual cues provided by the SimpliCam and the automatic recording triggers ensure that you are well-informed about the camera’s recording status and any significant events taking place in your home.
When Does Simplicam Record  : Ultimate Guide

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Continuous Monitoring And Recording

The Simplicam offers continuous monitoring and recording, ensuring that you never miss a moment of what’s happening in and around your home. With its advanced features and capabilities, Simplicam takes security surveillance to the next level.

Events That Trigger Recording

When it comes to recording, Simplicam is designed to capture important events that occur within its field of view. Whether it’s a triggered alarm, disarming your SimpliSafe system, or camera-detected motion, Simplicam will start recording to keep a visual record of what transpired.

Comparison With Other Cameras

Compared to other cameras, Simplicam stands out with its continuous monitoring and recording capabilities. Unlike some cameras that only start recording when they sense motion, Simplicam is always on stand-by, ready to record any significant events happening around your home. This ensures that you have a comprehensive record of activities, not just limited to moments with motion detected.

Additionally, Simplicam offers longer recording time during alarm triggers. When an alarm is triggered, Simplicam will record video for three minutes straight. If motion is detected during the alarm, the recording time may be extended. This feature gives you a more detailed account of what happened during critical situations.

When it comes to security, having continuous monitoring and recording is essential. Simplicam provides you with the peace of mind of knowing that you can rely on its continuous recording capabilities to keep your home safe and secure.

Circumstances For Recording

The Simplicam security camera records under specific circumstances, ensuring that you always capture the events that matter most. Whether it’s triggered by an alarm or set to continuous recording, Simplicam is designed to provide comprehensive surveillance based on your preferences and security needs.

Recording Upon Alarm Trigger

Simplicam is equipped to swiftly begin recording when an alarm is triggered. Upon detection of an alarm, the camera starts capturing video for three minutes, and if motion is detected during the alarm, the recording can be extended further. This proactive approach ensures that any critical event is documented comprehensively, helping you to stay informed and secure.

Continuous Recording Potential

With a Fast Protect™ Monitoring subscription (formerly Interactive Monitoring), Simplicam offers the capability for continuous recording during a range of events. These events include alarm triggers, motion detection by the camera, as well as when you disarm your SimpliSafe system. This feature ensures that you are always in the know about what caused these events, providing you with enhanced security and peace of mind.

Camera Performance And Functionality

Simplicam is a versatile camera that offers various recording functionalities and performance features suitable for your security needs.

Recording During Disarming

When you disarm your Simplicam system, the camera will activate and start recording any motion or activity in its view, ensuring comprehensive surveillance even during system deactivation.

Always-on Recording Capabilities

Simplicam provides always-on recording capabilities, allowing you to have continuous footage of your surroundings without gaps in monitoring, ensuring maximum security.

Comparison With Other Security Cameras

When Does Simplicam Record – Comparison with Other Security Cameras

When it comes to recording features, SimpliCam sets itself apart from other security cameras by offering automatic recording triggered by events such as alarms, disarming your system, and detected motion. With a Fast Protect™ Monitoring subscription, SimpliCam ensures you are always informed about what caused these events by recording video during specific circumstances.

  • SimpliCam records during alarms, system disarm events, and detected motion.
  • Video recording during alarms lasts for three minutes, with the option for longer recording if motion is detected.

Users of SimpliCam have praised the camera for its intuitive operation and reliable performance. The blue light indicator makes it easy to know when the camera is actively recording, providing peace of mind to users. Additionally, the automatic push notifications sent when the camera detects activity ensure that users are promptly informed of any security events in their homes.

  • Intuitive operation and reliable performance.
  • Blue light indicator for easy recording status check.
  • Automatic push notifications for detected activities.
When Does Simplicam Record  : Ultimate Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions Of When Does Simplicam Record

How Do I Know When My Simplisafe Camera Is Recording?

When the blue light on your SimpliSafe camera is flashing, it means the camera is recording. If the blue light isn’t flashing, it’s on stand-by. A blinking red light indicates no Wi-Fi connection, and a yellow flashing light means it can’t connect to SimpliSafe’s servers.

Does The Simplisafe Camera Record Automatically?

Yes, the SimpliSafe camera records automatically when triggered by any sensor on the network. It will also send a push notification to your phone to alert you of the activity.

Do Simplisafe Cameras Have Continuous Recording?

SimpliSafe Cameras only record when triggered by motion, alarms, or sensor activity. Continuous recording is not available.

Does Simplisafe Have Continuous Monitoring?

Yes, SimpliSafe offers continuous monitoring with its Fast Protect™ Monitoring subscription, ensuring automatic recording during specific events.


When using the SimpliCam, it’s essential to be aware of the camera’s recording indicators. The blue light flashing signifies it’s recording, while a blinking red or yellow light indicates connection issues. Additionally, with a Fast Protect™ Monitoring subscription, the camera will automatically record during various events, allowing for continuous monitoring.

Understanding these recording features ensures optimal security surveillance.