Wyze Motion Tagging: Simplifying Surveillance with Smart Technology

Have you ever wished you could keep a closer eye on your home while you’re away? Maybe you’ve considered setting up a security system, but found the options to be too expensive or complex. Luckily, Wyze has revolutionized home security with their Motion Tagging feature. Motion Tagging uses artificial intelligence to track motion and distinguish between people and objects, giving you an extra layer of security.

With this feature, you’ll receive notifications when motion is detected, and you can even set up custom motion zones to focus on specific areas. But the benefits don’t stop there. Motion Tagging also makes it easier to keep an eye on loved ones, such as children or pets, by tracking their movements within your home.

And when it comes to reviewing footage, Motion Tagging makes it simple to find the exact moments of interest within a video. Overall, Wyze Motion Tagging provides a simple, cost-effective way to enhance the security of your home. So why not give it a try and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is always being watched over.

What is Wyze motion tagging?

Wyze motion tagging is a clever feature that allows Wyze cameras to identify and highlight movements in their field of view. It uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to detect even subtle changes in the environment which may indicate human or animal activity. When an object or person moves in front of the camera, a green box appears around it, indicating that motion has been detected.

This feature is extremely helpful in monitoring your home or office and keeping an eye on suspicious activities. With the ability to customize motion detection zones, you can easily limit the notifications to only those areas that you are concerned about. The Wyze motion tagging feature is a great way to enhance the security of your premises, and give you peace of mind knowing that you are always in control.

Motion detection with a personal touch

Wyze motion tagging is a unique feature that allows you to add your personal touch to motion detection. This fantastic feature helps you identify and differentiate between various motions and activities in your home with tags that reflect your personality or are easy to recognize. Wyze motion tagging is a perfect solution for parents who want to know when their kids are running through the house, when their pets are being mischievous, or when an intruder may be present.

With this feature, you can choose your own tags, like “dog running,” “kids playing,” “alarm tripped,” and more. Wyze motion tagging makes monitoring your home a personalized experience that suits your needs and interests. Whether you are an overprotective parent or just want to keep an eye on things while you’re away, Wyze motion tagging truly enhances your home security system.

wyze motion tagging

Identify who or what is moving

Wyze motion tagging is a feature that allows Wyze camera users to identify who or what is moving in their camera’s field of view. When motion is detected, the camera will automatically tag the object as a person, animal, or vehicle. This tagging allows users to easily filter through recorded footage and pinpoint exactly when and where a certain type of motion occurred.

For example, if a user wants to find when their dog was barking, they can easily filter the footage to only show times when the camera tagged the motion as an animal. Wyze motion tagging is a great tool for those who want to keep a close eye on their property and have an easy way to identify any unusual motion.

Why choose Wyze?

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly home security camera that delivers top-notch features, look no further than Wyze. One of its standout features is motion tagging technology, which helps you keep tabs on any moving object in your home or property. This technology works by highlighting the moving object with a green box, making it easy to identify and track.

This is especially helpful if you have a busy home with kids, pets or frequent visitors, allowing you to filter out false alarms and keep a watchful eye on anything that may be out of the ordinary. Wyze’s motion tagging technology can also be customized to suit your preferences, with adjustable sensitivity levels and the ability to turn it off if you wish. With its affordable prices, high-quality image resolution, and user-friendly app, Wyze is a smart investment for any homeowner looking to enhance their home security system.

Affordable and high-quality equipment

At Wyze, we are committed to providing our customers with affordable and high-quality equipment without compromising on functionality or style. Our products are designed with our customers in mind, ensuring you get the best possible value for your money. So why choose Wyze? We are more than just another tech company.

We are a team of passionate individuals who believe in making technology accessible to everyone. Our products are intuitive and user-friendly, making them a great option for both tech-savvy individuals and those new to the game. From our Wyze Cam to our Smart Home Starter Pack, you can trust that our products are built to last.

We use top-quality materials and conduct rigorous testing to ensure that our equipment meets our high standards. Whether you’re monitoring your home or automating your day-to-day tasks, our equipment is designed to keep up with you. But affordability doesn’t mean minimal features – our products are bursting with cutting-edge technology that makes your life easier.

With features like voice control and Machine Learning algorithms, you can trust that our products are among the best in the market. Plus, we offer compatible products and integrations that make Wyze the perfect choice for building a comprehensive Smart Home system. So, if you’re in the market for affordable and high-quality equipment, look no further than Wyze.

Trust us to deliver smart gadgets that are intuitive, user-friendly, and bursting with features. Join the Wyze community today and experience the difference for yourself!

Easy to set up and use

Wyze makes home security easy to set up and use, which is why it’s our top choice for home security systems. From installing the cameras to setting up the app on your phone, Wyze has made every step of the process as simple as possible. The cameras themselves are small but mighty, packing in high-quality features like motion detection and two-way audio.

But what really sets Wyze apart is the app – it’s incredibly intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to easily view your camera feeds, adjust settings, and receive notifications. Plus, with affordable pricing and no subscription fees, Wyze is a budget-friendly option without sacrificing quality. Overall, we highly recommend Wyze for anyone looking for an easy-to-use, effective home security system that won’t break the bank.

24/7 security monitoring

When it comes to home security, choosing the right system is crucial. That’s why we recommend Wyze for 24/7 security monitoring. Not only is Wyze affordable, but they also offer top-notch features that keep your home safe.

With Wyze, you get access to live video streaming, motion detection, and instant alerts. Plus, their security system is easy to install and comes with a user-friendly app that lets you control and monitor your home from anywhere. One of the best parts of Wyze is their dedication to security monitoring.

They have a team of experts who work around the clock to make sure your home and family are safe at all times. With Wyze, you’ll never have to worry about your security system being down or not working. They’re always there for you, day or night.

So if you want peace of mind and top-quality security monitoring, try Wyze today. You won’t be disappointed!

How does it work?

Wyze Motion Tagging is an innovative way for the Wyze cameras to alert you even when you’re not monitoring the live stream. Essentially, the cameras use pixel detection to analyze the movements in the camera frame. If the algorithm detects any significant or sudden change in the pixels, it automatically triggers a notification to your connected device.

The notification informs you of the presence of motion in your camera’s view and can also be programmed to trigger an automatic recording of the event. This feature is perfect for home security purposes, as it can help you stay alert to any unexpected or unwanted visitors in your home. The Wyze motion tagging feature is an excellent addition to your home security system to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to the safety and security of your family and your home.

Installation and configuration

The installation and configuration process of any software can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. In the case of this particular software, the process is straightforward and easy to follow. First, you need to download the installation file from the official website, which is a simple process.

Once downloaded, simply run the installation file and follow the prompts on the screen. The software will guide you through the installation process and ask for your preferred settings. Once the installation is complete, you can configure the software to your specifications.

This can include setting up user permissions and creating custom reports. The software also has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and use. Overall, the installation and configuration process for this software is a breeze, and the end product is well worth the effort.

Tagging and identifying objects

Tagging and identifying objects is a critical aspect of many industries, including logistics, retail, and healthcare. At its core, tagging and identifying an object means giving it a unique identifier that can be used to track and manage it throughout its lifecycle. This identifier can take many forms, including barcodes, RFID tags, and QR codes.

These identifiers enable automated tracking and management of objects, reducing human error and streamlining workflows. For example, in a hospital, each patient might be given a wristband with a unique barcode that can be scanned to ensure that the right medication is given at the right time. Similarly, in a warehouse, RFID tags can be used to track inventory and automate the picking and packing process.

Overall, tagging and identifying objects is a powerful tool for increasing efficiency and accuracy in a wide range of industries.


In conclusion, Wyze motion tagging is like having a personal assistant with a photographic memory. It can quickly identify and categorize movements, delivering accurate information and providing enhanced security for your home or office. With its sharp eye and reliable intuition, it’s no wonder Wyze motion tagging is quickly becoming the go-to technology for those looking to keep a watchful eye on their surroundings.

Simply put, it’s the Sherlock Holmes of security systems, always one step ahead and ready to solve any mystery.”

Better security with Wyze motion tagging

Wyze motion tagging is a feature that greatly enhances the security of your home. It works by using advanced computer algorithms to detect any motion within the camera’s view. When motion is detected, the system automatically tags it in real-time, giving you the ability to immediately review the footage and take action if necessary.

This can be especially useful in situations where someone attempts to break into your home or steal your property. The motion tagging feature can capture important details like the intruder’s face or vehicle, helping you to identify them and increase the chances of prosecution. Overall, Wyze motion tagging is a powerful security tool that can give you peace of mind knowing that your property is protected around the clock.


What is Wyze motion tagging?
Wyze motion tagging is a feature on Wyze cameras that allows the camera to highlight and tag the motion it detects in a video.

How does Wyze motion tagging work?
When Wyze detects motion, it analyzes the video and highlights the moving object in a green box. It also tags the object with a label such as “person” or “vehicle” to make it easier to identify.

Can I turn off Wyze motion tagging?
Yes, you can turn off the motion tagging feature in the Wyze app. Navigate to the camera settings and scroll down to “Motion Tagging” and toggle the switch off.

Does Wyze motion tagging work at night?
Yes, Wyze motion tagging works at night using the camera’s infrared capabilities to detect motion and tag it in the same way as during the day.