Adding External hard drive to Swann DVR

If you have a Swann DVR and an external hard drive, you know you can use it to capture footage from your security cameras. But what if you want to add another camera? Or what if you want to export footage to a different format? This article will show you how to add an external hard drive and other devices to your Swann DVR so you can manage all of your video footage in one place. We will also provide tips on exporting footage for use in other applications, like YouTube or social media.

What is an External Hard Drive?

An external hard drive is a storage device that can be plugged into a computer to increase its storage capacity. The drives are usually portable, so they can be taken with you when you move your computer. They can also be used to back up important files.

How to add an External Hard Drive to a Swann DVR

If you’re considering adding an external hard drive to your Swann DVR, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • First, make sure your computer can access the drive. You’ll need to ensure the USB port on the Swann DVR is enabled, and the drive is detected.
  • Second, make sure you have the correct software installed. The Swann DVR comes with firmware compatible with most drives, but if you’re using an alternative software or driver. check before beginning.
  • Third, format the Hard Drive in Swann DVR compatible Format (if it’s not formatted yet). This will prepare it for use with your Swann DVR.

Fourth, copy your content from your original hard drive onto the new external hard drive. Once everything has been transferred, eject the old hard drive and insert the new one.

How to use an External Hard Drive with a Swann DVR

If you have a Swann DVR and want to add an external hard drive for storage, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Connect your Swann DVR to your home network and ensure it has an access port.
  • Find the correct connector for your external hard drive and plug it into the appropriate port on the back of the Swann DVR.
  • Create a new folder on your external hard drive called “Swann” and drop all your recordings into that folder.

What are the Benefits of Adding an External Hard Drive to a Swann DVR?

Adding an external hard drive to a Swann DVR can significantly increase its storage capacity. making it ideal for capturing high-definition video and still images. A hard drive with sufficient space can store up to 100 hours of HD footage or 10,000 still images. Additionally, adding an external hard drive to a Swann DVR allows users to back up their recordings in case the internal memory becomes full. This added security is especially beneficial in cases where the DVR is located in a public setting, such as a courtroom. Finally, by storing recordings on an external hard drive, users can easily access them from any computer with internet access.


Adding an external hard drive to your Swann DVR can be a great way to store additional recordings or movies. Connecting the hard drive to your computer allows you to access and watch any of your recordings right from where you are. This is an excellent solution if you want to keep extra recordings on hand without transferring them back and forth between your computer and the DVR.