Can I Use Simplicam Outdoors: Ultimate Guide

Yes, you can use Simplicam outdoors with the outdoor security camera kit. This kit makes the Simplicam weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use.

Simplicam, a popular indoor camera from SimpliSafe, offers the flexibility to be used outdoors with the purchase of an outdoor security camera kit. This kit effectively weatherproofs the camera, making it resistant to outdoor elements such as humidity, rain, and extreme cold.

By installing the outdoor security camera kit, you can confidently use your Simplicam to monitor outdoor spaces, enhancing your overall home security and surveillance system. Additionally, this expansion of the camera’s functionality provides users with the convenience and peace of mind of extended surveillance coverage for the exterior of their property.

Can I Use Simplicam Outdoors: Ultimate Guide


Can I Use Simplicam Outdoors: Ultimate Guide


Simplicam is a versatile indoor security camera, but can it be used outdoors? In this ultimate guide, we will explore the possibilities and limitations of using Simplicam outdoors. From understanding the limitations of indoor cameras outdoors to weather resistance and alternative outdoor camera options, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and find out if Simplicam can be your outdoor surveillance solution.

H3: Understanding the Limitations of Indoor Cameras Outdoors

Understanding The Limitations Of Indoor Cameras Outdoors

Indoor cameras are not designed to withstand outdoor conditions, including humidity, rain, and extreme temperatures. Placing an indoor camera outdoors can expose it to these elements, potentially leading to damage and reduced performance.

H3: Exploring the Weather Resistance of SimpliCam

Exploring The Weather Resistance Of Simplicam

Simplicam is not inherently weatherproof for outdoor use. However, it is possible to make it weather-resistant by using the outdoor security camera kit provided by SimpliSafe. This kit can help protect the camera from the elements, allowing it to be used outdoors with appropriate precautions.

H3: Considerations for Using Indoor Cameras Outdoors

Considerations For Using Indoor Cameras Outdoors

When considering using indoor cameras outdoors, it’s important to assess the environmental conditions and potential risks the cameras may be exposed to. Additionally, factors such as connectivity, power source, and mounting options should also be taken into account for outdoor use.

H3: Making Indoor Cameras Weatherproof for Outdoor Use

Making Indoor Cameras Weatherproof For Outdoor Use

Weatherproofing indoor cameras for outdoor use typically involves using specialized outdoor housing or enclosures to protect the camera from elements such as rain, wind, and dust. These protective measures can extend the camera’s lifespan and maintain its functionality in outdoor environments.

H3: Alternative Outdoor Camera Options

Alternative Outdoor Camera Options

While using indoor cameras outdoors is possible with the right precautions, there are also dedicated outdoor camera options available in the market. These cameras are specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions and offer features tailored for outdoor surveillance needs.

Can I Use Simplicam Outdoors: Ultimate Guide


Can I Use Simplicam Outdoors: Ultimate Guide


Frequently Asked Questions For Can I Use Simplicam Outdoors

Does Simplisafe Work Outside?

Yes, SimpliSafe can work outside with an outdoor security camera kit. The kit makes the SimpliCam weatherproof, designed to withstand humidity, fog, and extreme cold. However, it’s important to ensure the camera is equipped for outdoor use.

Can An Indoor Security Camera Be Used Outdoors?

No, an indoor security camera cannot be used outdoors. It is not designed to withstand the elements such as humidity, fog, or excess cold. For outdoor use, it is recommended to use a camera that is specifically designed for outdoor use.

Is Simplisafe Weatherproof?

SimpliSafe indoor cameras are not weatherproof, but you can use them outdoors with the outdoor security camera kit.

Can I Use An Indoor Roku Camera Outside?

No, an indoor Roku camera should not be used outside. It’s not designed for outdoor conditions. For outdoor security, consider a Roku Outdoor Camera SE or Roku Outdoor Wired Camera SE.


While the SimpliCam is primarily designed for indoor use, it is possible to use it outdoors by purchasing the outdoor security camera kit. This kit will make the SimpliCam weatherproof and suitable for outdoor surveillance. However, it’s important to note that the SimpliCam is not inherently weatherproof and may not withstand extreme weather conditions.

Before using the SimpliCam outdoors, it’s recommended to consult with customer service and ensure proper installation for optimal performance.