Shark Robot WiFi Woes? Learn How to Easily Change Your Network in Minutes!

Switching out your WiFi network on your Shark robot can seem like a daunting task, whether you’re tech-savvy or not. But don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it may seem. With just a few simple steps, you can quickly change your WiFi network on your Shark robot, and get right back to cleaning without missing a beat.

Perhaps you’ve recently moved, or you’ve upgraded your internet package, or maybe you just want to switch to a more reliable network. Whatever your reasons, by the end of this post, you’ll know exactly how to change WiFi on your Shark robot. We’ll be walking you through the steps, providing tips, and highlighting some crucial things to keep in mind throughout the process, to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

So, grab a coffee, take a deep breath, and let’s dive into changing WiFi on your Shark robot.

Identify the current wifi network

If you have recently changed your wifi network and need to update your Shark robot, the first step is to identify the current wifi network connected to your device. This can be done by accessing the settings on the Shark robot and navigating to the network section. Once here, you should see the name of your current wifi network listed.

If you do not see it, try refreshing the list or resetting your device’s network settings. It’s important to ensure that you are connected to the correct wifi network before attempting to update your Shark robot, as attempting to connect to the wrong network can cause issues with the update process. Once you have identified your current network, you can proceed with updating your Shark robot to the new network by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your Shark robot is connected to the correct wifi network and working properly.

Press and hold the wifi button

If you wish to identify the current wifi network with ease, you need to press and hold the wifi button for a few seconds. This will trigger your device to scan the surrounding areas and display a list of the available networks, including the one you are presently connected to. Once the list appears on your device, you can then select the network you are presently connected to and check its properties, including the name of the network, its signal strength, and the security type.

You can also view other available networks in the same area and choose to connect to a different network if needed. This feature is available on most devices, including smartphones, computers, and even gaming consoles. By using this simple trick, you can identify the current wifi network on your device and ensure that you remain connected to the right network at all times.

how to change wifi network on shark robot

Select new wifi network

When it comes to selecting a new wifi network, the first step is to identify the current wifi network you are connected to. This is important because it allows you to ensure that you are connecting to the correct network and will help eliminate any confusion or errors while setting up your new network. To check the current network, go to the settings menu on your device and click on the wifi option.

The name of the current wifi network will be listed at the top of the page. Once you have identified the current network, you can proceed to search for new available networks, select the network that you want to connect to, and enter the password if required. Remember that choosing a secure wifi network is crucial to protect your personal and confidential information from potential threats.

So always select a network that uses strong encryption methods and has a strong password. By following these simple steps, you can easily switch to a new wifi network without any hassle.

Set up connection

Changing the WiFi network on a Shark robot may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually quite simple. The first step is to ensure that your robot is powered on and in range of the new network. Once confirmed, go to the Shark app on your smartphone and select the robot you wish to update.

From there, tap “Settings” and then “Robot Network.” This will prompt the app to search for available networks. Select the new network and enter the password when prompted.

Once the new network is connected, your robot should be ready to use. Remember to update any other connected devices as well. By following these steps, changing the WiFi network on your Shark robot should be a breeze!

Enter wifi password

Setting up a Wi-Fi connection is essential for using the internet from anywhere inside the home or office without needing cords and cables. However, many individuals find the process daunting, and one of the crucial steps is entering the wifi password. Before getting started, ensure that the wireless network name is correctly entered and clicked connect, then proceed to the password.

If the password is forgotten or lost, it’s common to reset the modem or router, which will erase all settings to default. To protect the network from unauthorized access, ensure and secure the Wi-Fi is set up with the latest security protocols, such as WPA3 or WPA2, and also change the password immediately after installing. It’s advisable to choose a strong password consisting of a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

It also helps to avoid easily guessable passwords and refrain from sharing the password with unknown persons. By following these steps, setting up the Wi-Fi connection will be quick and easy.

Wait for connection confirmation

When setting up a connection, it’s crucial to wait for confirmation before proceeding. This step is often overlooked, but it’s essential to ensure a secure and stable connection. Waiting for confirmation means that the devices involved in the connection have established communication and agreed to the connection’s terms.

This confirmation step prevents errors and disconnects that can occur if the devices aren’t communicating correctly. It’s like waiting for a friend to confirm plans before heading out. You don’t want to show up at a restaurant that’s closed or miss the opportunity to make other plans.

Waiting for connection confirmation may take a few extra seconds, but it’s worth it for a successful and efficient connection. So, remember to stop and wait until you receive confirmation before moving forward with your tasks.

Start using your Shark Robot on new wifi network

If you’re moving or changing your wifi network, don’t worry, it’s easy to set up your Shark Robot on a new network. You’ll need to download the SharkClean app on your smartphone and log in with your Shark account. Then, select your robot from the app dashboard and follow the prompts to connect to your new wifi network.

Make sure to have your wifi password on hand as you’ll need to enter it during the setup process. Once you’re connected, your Shark Robot will be ready to use on the new network. Don’t waste any time and start enjoying your newly connected Shark Robot today!


Changing the wifi network on your Shark robot is like swapping out your old pair of socks for fresh ones. It may seem like a small task, but it can make a world of difference in the performance and overall cleanliness of your home. So don’t let a faulty wifi connection bring you down – follow these simple steps and let your Shark robot roam free on a brand new network!”


How do I switch the WiFi network on my Shark robot?
To switch the WiFi network on your Shark robot, go to the settings within your SharkClean app and follow the instructions under “WiFi network” to change the network.

What if my Shark robot does not connect to the new WiFi network?
If your Shark robot does not connect to the new WiFi network, try resetting the robot and the app, ensuring that both are connected to the same network, or contacting customer support for additional troubleshooting steps.

Can I change the WiFi network on my Shark robot without the app?
Unfortunately, changing the WiFi network on your Shark robot requires the use of the SharkClean app, as this is the only way to access the necessary settings.

How do I know if my Shark robot is connected to WiFi?
To confirm that your Shark robot is connected to WiFi, check the WiFi status indicator light on the robot itself. If the light is solid green, your robot is connected; if the light is blinking blue, your robot is attempting to connect. You can also check the connection status within the SharkClean app.