How to Block a Neighbor’s Security Camera

The idea of having to cope with your neighbor’s security camera watching you can be a worrying and intimidating thought. It’s easy to feel helpless when it comes to not wanting people to watch everything you do in your backyard. However, blocking the view from cameras is possible without resorting to drastic measures. This blog … Read more

How to Blind a Security Camera

Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular for businesses and homes alike. They provide property owners with an extra layer of security and a way to keep track of activity in their building or home. But what happens when you don’t want the camera to be able to record? It can be tricky to figure out … Read more

How to Mount Arlo Camera Outside?

How to Mount Arlo Camera Outside

Like most homeowners, you probably love capturing your life’s beautiful moments with your Arlo camera. But how do you ensure those videos and pictures stay put while you’re away? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to mount Arlo cameras outside so that you can keep an eye on your property and loved ones at all … Read more